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    Join "The VIolent Ones"  PS3  (SMALL) clan.

      We are a small clan, and plan on staying that way. We want to keep it less than 15 members. We want our clan tag to be respected, not just known because theres 100 members that dont play together.

      We are looking for 3 people, and we primarily play TDM.


      Premium Elite Member- this is so you can participate in clan challenges with us.

      Mic/Headset - to communicate.

      Sportsmanship - No screamin and trash talking, and giving another team respect.

      Maturity - If your under 18, you have to be very mature for your age.

      Respect, we have girl/s on our clan.

      No campers - It makes the whole team look bad if one person does it.

      Plays between 6-11 pm Central U.S. time.

      The clan comes first, so if you already have a group of friends you always play with. Then you shouldnt be looking for a clan, Make your own.

      Must have a PS3.

      Last but not least. The important requirement....Kill/Death Ratio. If you have a ratio of 1.50 or higher and dont camp. You will be considered. if you have a K/D of 2.00 or higher. You will fit right in.


      send me a message.

      PSN: nexprofit