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    Split Screening is helping to ruin CoD

      I dont care what anyone else says.Well  I do, not meaning it in the literal since. It IS ruining CoD. It promotes nothing but laggy games [not all on its own], horrible team mates [not all, but the majority], horrible hit detection [all]. It is disgusting to have to unload a sh*t load of bullets into these guys. I wish they would take it lout of the main playlists and put in one where they could only be able to play.


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          1. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

          I have never seen anything suggesting that it causes problems. Show me something that establishes this and educate me.

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            2. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD


            If you have never shot at these bastards, seen how laggy they are, seen how bad they do in games..well there is no way to educate the blind.

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              3. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

              I completely agree with OP. Most of the time they are at 1-2 bars because have crap connection to begin with and are then sharing that connection for 2 people.


              Another major problem that should definitely not be allowed is splitscreen in search and destroy.



              - http://www.youtube.com/ragemodeengage

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                4. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                I agree.  The worst thing about split screeners is you can end up in a match with 7 versus 5, everytime that happens there are split screeners on the team of 7.  Schoolboy error there made by both Treyarch and IW, it happened in Black Ops and now in MW3. 

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                  5. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                  i 100% agree! they are the worst teammates. always in search they are the team killers. I hate it and i wish they had special rooms or it was elliminated all together. Hey IW/Activision if you took it out im sure kids woul whine then their parents would buy 2 copies!

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                    6. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                    You guys are out of your gore....quit crying and learn to shoot.  My partner and I play split screen at the firehouse all the time and we are in first and second place almost every match....we play domination and cap the **** out of flags as well  as going positive most of the time...quit generalizing, quit crying and realize its a video game that has absolutely 0 influence on the rest of your lives...and if it does affect your life you are a pathetic individual who needs to put the controller down anyway.....Oh and just to add I can understand in game modes like S n D where it would be unfair but other then that quit crying........You think split screeners are bad you should see a drunk RAMBONE running around like a practice dummy..

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                      7. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                      No need to get so defensive, it isn't a personal attack on you.  If I had a second view of what was going on in the match then I'd probably end up winning a lot more matches.  My complaint about split screeners isn't about whether you're any good or not, as I said above, it is the fact that the game can't cope with some simple counting.  A match is supposed to be 6 v 6 not 7 v 5 giving a clear advantage to the side with split screeners.

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                        8. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                        Not the guy playin the games fault if it mis matches the teams....I am 5th prestige and have yet to see 7 vs 6.....I play only dom so maybe thats why...and if you are good enough to play  on your own screen and get a second view from your teammates then more power to you cuz I cant do it and doubt most can.  As far as the split screen advantage connection wise we end up hosting most of the time and get backwards ****** so I dont want to hear that.....again...you have no idea whos on the other end of the controller when you play be it split screen or not.  I can just as easy hand my controller to my 4 year old and so can anyone else so to say split screen is the problem is just plain dumb......again modes like SnD I can understand but thats it...

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                          9. Re: Split Screening is ruining CoD

                          That is one of the reasons I dont like to play SnD, HC anymore.

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