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    Let's talk Elite

      I'm not even going to mention all the problems Elite has.  I just want to talk about the rules, and how they obviously are broken throughout Elite.  The biggest one is in the Compete comment section.  There are no comments about the Competitions. All it is is a bunch of little kids spamming their clans or looking for a clan invite.  It's ridiculous.  I understand there weren't clans in Beta, so I didn't have to worry about clan inviting being spammed in the comments, but this is getting ridiculous.  When someone is posting in all caps trying to advertise their clan, they should just get an automatic ban from Elite.  It is obvious that they are under 18, and if they aren't then they are just not mature enough to handle Elite. 


      I guess my general consensus here is, can we please somehow clean up the comments in these Competes to have no clan spam?  I don't know how you can, but that's why I'm not a dev.  When it is obvious that they are underage, use enforcement to clean them off.  I don't care how much money they got their mommies to waste.  They should act mature on Elite.  Or make a Clan Recruitment section on Elite that they can spam in or something.



      Lastly, why are the Leaderboards on Operations locked?  We should be able to see where we stand in the competition.  We could see it in Elite Beta, and it was not a problem.  I understand you don't want people quitting when they realize they have no chance, but people should know where they stand so they can know when they need to clutch a game or not.


      Ok.  That's my rant.  Comment if you'd like.