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    Petition - Drop the damage on the Type 95


      Alright everybody.  Today the Type 95 got a "nerf."  a pretty laughable "nerf."  The only thing that was changed was the hip-fire spread.  THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.  The ADS Type 95 remains completely unchanged.  If you are unaware, the Type 95 has the FASTEST time to kill in ANY COD GAME SINCE COD2.  Without Rapid Fire it can kill in 0.06 seconds with extreme accuracy and ease.  Put rapid fire on it and it's even worse - all 3 bullets are merged into 1 and it becomes a MK14 that can kill with 1 bullet to any part of the body.  Not even the COD4 M16 with Stopping Power killed as fast as the Type 95.  This video will show you how the Type 95 is statistically more OP than any gun in any COD ever:




      Let's compare with the M16.


      M16: 780 rpm within bursts, 40-25 damage (3-4 shot kill), higher recoil than Type 95.


      Type 95: 1000 rpm within bursts, 55-20 damage (2-5 shot kill), lower recoil than M16.


      Now, the fact that the Type 95 shoots so much faster than the M16 is a fair trade-off for taking 1 extra bullet to kill at long range.  However it gets 2 EXTRA benefits: a 2 bullet kill up close, and less recoil.  Rapid Fire on the type 95 also increases RoF by 18% while the M16 only gets a 9% increase with Rapid Fire.


      If the M16 were a 3-4 shot kill with a slow RoF and the Type 95 were a 3-5 shot kill with a fast RoF, THAT WOULD BE BALANCE.  Instead, there is currently absolutely no reason to use the M16, or hardly any other gun for that matter.



      So, sign this petition if you would like to see the Type 95's damage reduced from 55-20 to 49-20, and I will add your name to the list.














      -Moon Head 92

      -Kari M N



















      *Wanted the Type 95 to be a 3HK but believes it has already been patched (even though it hasn't) so I take that as support.

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