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    Who is the Lead Sound Designer.......

      Easy question, who designed the sound for this game?  Obviously it is not the same designer that created it for COD4 and MW2.    First there is no hitmarker sound for PS3 still after 1 month post release and after a promise of it being in the latest hotfix, it still is not there and has since been removed from the list. (This issue has been fixed after this thread was created via a hotfix)


      Next issue is the Mic voice quality.  Once again 402 states that it is gonna be "improved" in January.  What does "improved" actually mean?  The chat needs to be revamped, its complete utter trash right now.  You are better off unplugging your mic and talking to yourself right now.  Who tested this?


      Next issue is intermittent footsteps.  The footsteps themselves drop in and out randomly.  Once again, who tested the sound in this game?


      Next issue is an issue where the sound in the headphones start to buzz.  This occurs in all 7 of my headphones that I have tried with MW3.  What happens is that while you are playing, one of your earpieces, normally the left one for me, will start buzz so loud, you think your speakers will explode.  WTF fix this or pay for my replacement equipment.


      Next issue is the obnoxiously loud music levels in the game and especially the lobby.  Why are we FORCED to listen to music when we are just sitting in a lobby and wanting to chat with one another?  Sometimes we like to sit in a lobby and chat for a half hour to catch up on what is happening in one anothers lives.  Yet IW chose to go the route of Nintendo games and not give us an option to turn the music down or off.  Give us this long needed option.



      So again my question is who was the Lead Sound Designer?  This person needs to be held accountable for their production or lack thereof.  Please let me know what you think, thanks for reading.