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    Why so inconsistent?

      I have been trying to put my finger on this since the games release and cannot think of a plausible answer to this question. Why is this game so inconsistent? How can I go 30-2 one game, play against practically the exact same team the next game and I struggle to even pull positive. I am not a bad player, my overall KD is sitting just shy of 2.0, yet every gaming session i have I have to grind through a series of terrible games just to reach another patch of good games. In previous CoDs I did not experience this to such an extent, sure i had bad games but they didnt seem 'timed' like this.


      I also notice that in practically every lobby I get into there is at least one bad player who does really well, by bad i mean he/she has a 0.6 KD but in this specific match he seems like a 3 KD player. Why does there always seem to be one or two players who are ahead of the rest and seem 'untouchable'. Of course this is just a conspiracy theory but I am genuinely starting to believe that after a string of terrible games the player who did badly the last 3 or 4 rounds is given an advantage over the rest of the lobby, from a business perspective this would make sense as it would keep the newbies playing the game and still feel like they can do well at times. It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but at this point I would not be surprised if this was the case, it sure would explain the inconsistency I and Im sure many other players are experiencing.


      I have come to the conclusion that what ever is causing this inconsistency is resulting in a very uneven playing field, even more so than any previous CoD title. Accuracy seems not to matter much anymore as way too often I am downed by one hip fired bullet by someone who was spraying all over the screen. The amount of BS deaths I experience are at an all time high, even higher than Black Ops which I thought to be an inconsistent game, yet MW3 seems to take the cake. Maybe I am just being sceptical but it sure seems like this game is not determined by skill so much as what it is driven by connection to the host or benefiting from others bad connection to the host. It really is sad to see that when I go into a 1v1 gunfight the winner is not determined by accuracy but instead by connection, poor form IW, I played MW2 today and had no such problems, when I did well I did so desrvedly, yet mW3 just defies this logic. I cant understand it.

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          Lag compensation and your connection to the host is the main reason.

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            It sounds normal to have excellent games and then you hit some strange slump, I play mostly TDM my K/D is 1.5, and i fight every game out, even those games you end up joining that are losing. Point is, its part of the rhythm of that particular game, its also a positive note to have a game that suggest that each game will not be the same as the last. MW3 i feel is different from the previous titles and they have made it more "friendly" to new players and obviously easier for the more experienced. And to mention "skill" is legit, I sincerely say this game takes tac/skill/creativity to achieve the best results. Good luck friend, if you play TDM join me one day, well ruin other peoples "good games".