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    Post Your Least Fave Maps

      Post your least favorite map. My least favorite is Arkaden because:

      -Bad spawns

      -Campers around every corner

      -TOO BIG!!!!!!111one

      -Many other flaws...

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          Village, Downturn, Arkaden

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            Village because of the frame rate drop that happens every time (too big, too detailed) and Downturn because the layout just leads to two teams doing laps round it and hardly ever meeting. I like every other map, even Outpost.

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                Though none of the maps strike me as instant classics such as Firing Range, Nuketown (Some of the most intense games on here), Strike, and Backlot, I do think that they are pretty cool. Spawns aside, each map has something that makes it special and changes gameplay.



                • Arkaden: Short to Medium range engagement that involves a player having to check multiple directions. Stealth is a priority here, and knowing the avenues, and the spots to look, is very important to success.
                • Bakaara: Medium to Long Range engagement. This map has also sorts of little perches and features that a player is required to know to perform at their greatest. There are a fair share of snipers on this map, but sticking to the sides or using the avenue of buildings up the middle can allow a player that wants to use an Assault Rifle, or engage in CQB, to do so.
                • Dome: Short Range, Short Range, Short Range. Easily the quickest map in the game. Have you head up and look around those corners, or you will be mowed down. This is definetly one of the odder maps in the game, as it relies pretty much solely on Shotguns and SMGs, and the occasional AR. Nuketown, a comparabaly small map, allowed for LMGs and even the occasional Sniper, where on Dome, those are certain death. This is a good addition to the map pool of MW3.
                • Hardhat: Another small map, this one allows for SMGs, and ARs, with a possible use of an LMG in the right spot. Unlike Dome, this has long sights, which make for poor Shotgun usage. It flows a bit oddly, and the pipe in the middle certainly makes the map how it is. A player who plays smart and lurks around the edges can use an Assault Rifle or even an LMG to great effectiveness, but in the middle, SMGs are king.
                • Downturn: The king of the Shotgun maps in my opinion. Even Dome doesn't hold a candle to it. There are so many tight corners and CQB areas, Shotguns are very useful. The "wings" of the map provide for some very interesting gameplay, and I think are what cause the map's flow. The large buliding sees some traffic, although not as much as it could, and the long chain of buildings is an area of quick travel. The underground system is more a means of escape rather than a fighting ground. I find much more of the combat is on the wings of the map, and near the exits of the big building.
                • Fallen: One of the most beautiful of maps in the game, Fallen is a perfect map for LMGs, Snipers, and ARs. This map has literally 10-15 good spots that one can keep watch over an area with. There are lots of windows which allow players to see areas and cover other hotspots from realtive obscurity. One has to be careful running around in the various ground areas as you become easy prey for the eyes above. Definetely one of the most aerial maps in the game.
                • Outpost: Getting the glitches aside, this map is a great map for ARs, Snipers, and LMGs. Its long lines of sight and sheer size provide players the ability to travel quietly and still rack up huge scores. If this map is ever fully patched, it will be one of the best maps in the game for players who like to play slow and methodically pick apart their enemies from a distance. Till then, the under the map, in the windows of the hanger, and all other sorts of odd **** ruin it.
                • Interchange: This map is some sort of hell, and despite being small, favors Assault Rifles and LMGs. It has stupid long sight lanes that allow a player to use some of the more often than not glazed over weapons, such as the L86 LSW, M16A4 and MG36, to great effect. There are no particular spots to stick to on this map, but just keep yours eyes looking long. You will see guys from a mile away, which is odd for such a small map.



                I'll edit the other 8 in later.

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                Downturn only weapon I do good with on there is the MP7 and PP90m1 but I like the M4 lol.

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                  Outpost. Downturn. Village.

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                    Arkaden and Hardhat are good maps. Every map is susceptible to FMGs.

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                        All i know is. Mission is my favorite, followed by Arkaden.... Third is Resistance because of the Sheer Beauty. Hardhat and carbon are my least favorite maps. Underground in Team defender could have produced some of the most exciting games in my cod experience.

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                        I hate downturn with a passion. Then outpost. Mission is my favourite followed by Bacaara then resistance.

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                          i hate all of them, but i play the game anyway

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                            Downturn and Outpost are my least favorite maps.

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                                My favorites are Arkaden, Mission, and Resistance though. 

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                                  i hate bootleg

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                                    I hate Interchange and village definately the most.

                                    Best are Mission, lockdown and Bakaara.

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                                      I love Interchange and Outpost, but I always get sidetracked on Outpost taking care of the folks using the glitches.  The only map I really don't like is Downturn

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                                        I like Mission, and sometimes Hardhat. But apart from that the rest dont interest me. My least favourite cod thus far. To many maps with to many corners and way to many campers as a result.