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    Pros/Cons of this game

      I'm thinking about getting this game for Christmas and I want to know what are the bad things and good things about this game.


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          Re: Pros/Cons of this game

          Insanley bad lag. Unbalanced machine pistol secondaries. Shotguns, apart from the striker, get a hitmarker from 2 feet away. You die in 2 bullets. Half the enemey team sits in corners with assasian. The maps are cluttered with so many corners and stupid places that ppl love to hide in. The spawns are the worst Ive ever seen in any video game ever. t95 is a 2 bullet kill that shoots 3 round bursts and has rapid fire. Quick scoping is insanley easy to do. Ppl are immune to killstreaks for 5 secs after spawning so they suck. Knifing makes no sense in this game, you have to knife second to get the kill.


          Overall it's a really great game!

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              Re: Pros/Cons of this game

              Wow... It has THAT many problems? o_o

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                  Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                  Most people use support, so in longer games like domination, there will be a minimum of 5 stealth bombers, 3 emps, some guy juggernaut and an escort airdrop. Attack helicopters have 0 flares and everyone loves to shoot them down before they get to the battlefield. If you aim down sights for the majority of your kills, you're playing this game wrong, due to the fact that all smgs are laser beams with steady aim.

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                Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                don't listen to Kreinger his is just a bit of a  whiner, the game is fine. It has a couple issues. the lag is so much better then it was. FMG are a bit over the top. but it is a good game overall

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                    Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                    no..actually all of what he said is true for the most part, although the lag IS being addressed and slowly getting better and there are a few less corner campers then there was.


                    but i still manage to enjoy the game (only when im running with a full team of people i know) i think i just enjoy doiing good with out using an OP gun or camping

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                      Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                      Actually whining is wat gets this crap fixed the multiplayer is not as good as mw2 tons of problems including OP guns WHICH NEED TO BE FIXED tho i must say i really enjoyed the campaign ending good job on that and its a great game just needs a few patches (like taking out the t95 bs)

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                      Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                      Seriously, don't take anyone here's word on crap. If you seriously are considering this game go now and rent it or hopefully a friend has it that will let you play online for like an hour or two.


                      People who are having problems come to these forums, so your going to get a biased opinion. Make your own opinions and test the game YOURSELF!


                      TEST IT YOURSELF!!!! <<-- See the CAPS?! Its that necessary!

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                        Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                        Lag.. Very bad for some less so for others.

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                          Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                          You will need to test it yourself as mentioned, but it might be awhile before you become annoyed at it as I have. I'm unbiased because I still enjoy it but not enough to say I love the game.



                          ~ VERY enjoyable story line in the campaign mode in my opinion. Still only 8 hours long on normal difficulty but has lots of 'OOOHHH' and 'wow' and 'Aweesooomee' factors about it. I'll happily replay the missions again. Better than Black Op's campaign.


                          ~ Guns sound good.


                          ~ Some kills can be incredibly satisfying (Javelin, Bouncing Betty - a mine that when run over explodes at neck height, throwing knife etc.)


                          ~ The Support Strike Package - basically killstreaks that don't reset upon death but don't give you anything that can kill the enemy other than a stealth airstike. I'm impartial to this, but I imagine a lot of lesser abled players enjoy it so it could be a pro or con...


                          ~ When playing objective game modes, captures of a flag in domination for example will give you points (effectively what you get when you shoot someone) and count it toward your killstreak rewards which I think is good as it's rewarding you for playing the objective and not just kill whoring. It encourages more team work.


                          ~ Grpahics are fine.



                          ~ SOME Lag. It's not too bad most of the time but noticable when someones in your face. Whether it's the game or my connection I don't know. But I was fine for 90% of the time on Black Op's as apposed to 70% on this so...


                          ~ Elite STILL not working. Regret spending so much money on an unfinished product.


                          ~ Theatre mode has recently messed up - search this forum for those keywords and you'll find multiple threads on it.


                          ~ Assault Killstreaks are notouriously difficult to achieve - either you have a really good match with luck, are on a really good team or camp a little to get 8+ kills. And of course, you still have to be a good player and know what you're doing.


                          ~ Air support is in 19/20 games it seems. Have a good team to take it out or you'll be killed.


                          ~ They've tried to address too many issues and enhance the game when what it actually needs is simplifying - remember how addictive COD4 and MW2 were? There wern't a million options or classes etc, just a straight up shoot em up.


                          ~ Map layouts. It is ridiculously easy to flank the enemy and be flanked yourself. Even the best of the best teams can find themselves swearing. Quickscoping is only marginally easier than Black Op's in my opinion, though still enough to be annoying. If you are a traditional sniper and hanh back behing your team providing cover, rest assured you'll probably be killed from enemy accessing all the flanks. There are no real sniper vantage points where you view a large area of the map (such as in Jungle on Black Op's or Array on MW2), and there are limited sniping spots available. This means once you've killed a few, you'll be a target so it becomes necessary to move to a new spot, but I end up being killed as they're so far away and you have to walk across open areas to get to them. Because of this, you'll find many snipers camping and you'll be killed by them more than you should because of.....


                          ~ The SPAWNS. This is what has limited enjoyment of this game for me the most. You can spawn almost where you were killed and be shot by the same person... you can spawn next to an enemy and they shoot you in the back, you can be pushing forward (though only half way into the map - Nowhere near th enemy spawn), and the game spawns enemy players behind your team for no apparent reason - there are plenty of other spawns available!?




                          Overall, it's not as enjoyable or addictive as Black Op's and is not worth buying the hardened addition at the moment. I still like it and it's still a good game and wouldn't trade it in, but all other cods have been better than this one in my opinion.

                          In time, perhaps everything will be fixed in updates as Black Op's problems were. But they have the added pressure of Elite this time round and we have all seen how well that's going. I still have hope for MW3 but I'm not holding my breath.


                          COD 4: 8/10 -- WaW: 6.5/10 -- MW2: 8.5/10 -- BO's: 9/10 -- MW3: 7/10

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                              Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                              Yesterday I was spawned where I was killed, killed again, spawned in the same place, killed again spawned in the same place. Three spawns in a row in the same place while there are guys camping that spawn, is just unbelievable. I'm legitimately talking THE SAME PLACE too not five feet to the side, the same place!


                              The lag isn't as bad as the lag compensation. There is a whole thread on it (70 pages long). If you have a good connection you are pretty much screwed because your gun might not even shoot and you'll get one shotted. I've unloaded a clip into someone's chest without a hitmarker. It makes the fact that the sniping in this game is easier completely invalid, because if you have a good connection the majority of your stuff wont hit anyway.


                              There are a few guns that are blantantly OP, but I'm wondering how they will be if the lag comp is gone. I see the Striker one shot kill from 25-30 feet away every couple games. Type 95 kills in one burst about 75% of the time and it has rapid fire (so just double tap that trigger and you get a kill). Akimbo FMG9s kill extremely fast and are very accurate with Steady Aim, I told my brother there is only one secondary in the game, because you are stupid to use anything else (unless you need to take down an aircraft or something). There is some talk about the MP7 going around because it's got no recoil and a high fire rate which makes it a lot like the ACR in MW2. It's also very good up close and has a clip almost as big as the P90. Still I wouldn't call it broken, just the others.


                              Most people have dealt with the lag comp by camping with Type 95 or rushing with Striker/Akimbo FMG9s. There's no out shooting or out strafing in this game like in Black Ops because you die extremely fast (even faster if you are on the wrong side of lag comp).


                              Blueliquidised's ratings are very accurate in my opinion.


                              That being said, it could be great with fixes. I'd like to see more skill and less luck myself. I'd say don't waste your money with a buy until it is fixed though. My friends want their money back (I just want a fix).

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                              Re: Pros/Cons of this game

                              I would rent it first before buying it. The lag issue is slowly getting better. the maps suck mostly one level- not a single map with three level buildings, plenty of crap to get in the way but hardly anything to climb on or over. 4 or 5 UAV up in the air in every match, as soon as you shoot one down another one is up. guns still need some balancing, 

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