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        20. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.


        I can't remember the last time I had ahorrible connection in MW2. I could make it all the way up to 90-100ms and not feel like I am at to much of a disadvantage. This is like the lower the ping the more higher ping people they throw in to the lobbies just so they can mooch of the stronger connections.

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          21. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

          Great post esmorgue....its what I have been doing the whole time except I just leave the game and take the loss cuz I dont really care...I will stay in a match im thrown with a bad score if the hit detection is good....contrastly if I am on a winning team and the detection sucks I back out...


          .See   I really care about winning but when im in a match that has good detection I love it even if im getting worked...


          .I dont want to hijack your thread but have a couple of ping questions.....I rarely get into matches with less then 100 ping and I am hard wired with a 30 ping (speedtest).  I live an hour from Denver and in a city of 140k so Im not sure why I never get games with the lower pings....also I mostly party with co-workers from the same town so its not me connecting to them....


          when I search and it goes past 100 I back out and re-search....if I am then thrown into a half full lobby do the other incoming members have be at that ping it gave to me or can they be much higher  (thus negating it even giving you a ping # when you are searching)

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            22. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

            To be honest, a lot of people cant help the broadband speeds they get, lots of places in the US, UK, and Europe are still running B/Ban on old telephone lines, some lines are even still above ground dont forget, the tech is there at the exchanges, but the lines all need upgrading.



            The people who annoy me, are the ones who know they're sharing B/Band with the whole house where the father is in his "study" downloading kiddie or animal porn while furiously bating over pics of Judge Jewdy, the mother is watching on demand weight watchers diet team task force to get tips on how to make that 4th bloated chin look like its only the 2nd chin.

            The kids are upstairs playing online, one playing Mw3 (the guy we all hate cos he's nerfing our good B/Band), the other one is on her web cam talking sh*t to her other emo friends about how many peircings they have all got between them and how suicidla they felt while watching some sh*tty teen vampire tv show.


            The other types of people that annoy me, are the ones who have no funking idea how to set up and connect to their B/Band properly, and so just leave it all in a complete mess, and dont realize that they are losing packets and seeing huge amounts of latency simply because they dont have a filter installed before anything else, or dont have one plugged in at all.


            Then there are the seriously low IQ morons, who think that running a mile long telephone extention cable down into their basement closet room  is the way to game online, or worse maybe for some strange reason they think that "mobile" broadband dongles are superior to B/Band down a line.


            In each case, we have people who should really be dragged out into the middle of the street, shot, burned, p*ssed on, then cremated, and the ashes to fed to their parents for birthing such a retarded freak of nature in the first place.


            Yes,,, I'm p*ssed about it to.

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              23. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.


              People that go through all that iPhone crap to use it play the game, won't use sufficient service should be made to suffer. I have done everything possible since the beginning of Black Ops to figure out the problem...it is not me. The end of smoothness is with the passing of MW2.

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                24. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

                I'll sign out for a few reasons:


                1. I'm the host - just a complete waste of time

                2. People continually running around with FMG Akimbos

                3. Resistance

                4. If I spawn into a game 60-1 (Kill confirmed)



                I don't take losses for things like that - other than that I can take the game.


                But its just this game for me, Black Ops ran fine for me apart from the first week or so but then everyone sufferred through that week.

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                  25. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.


                  @Ramboner: By theory they should be near your stated ping you normally reach, but with how it runs...who knows...Now as far as your ping...it isreally best to test the corners of the U.S.,that way you can gather how you ping to the farthest servers. Also while being in or near Denver you have to deal with the interference of the mountains then the plains, desert, etc.etc to gather pings. I just found out my ISP WOW is based in Denver. Need to make a shift to a more localized. 

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                    26. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.



                    I am the same exact way. I have played with parties/friends across the U.S. in previous installments and I had a blast. Never consistantly felt I was at a disadvantage. Sure you would have the occasion game where the host was absolute garbage but in MW3 the things that are happening to me when I play with parties is clearly obvious.


                    I still play with parties in this game but I tend to shy away from grouping up now. It just simply isnt fun playing because of the obvious disadvantage/reoccuring ridiculous things.


                    Solo...this game is completely different.

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                      27. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

                      It sickens me that people look down on others who don't have top notch internet connections, either due to financial reason or just because there isn't anything available. You think that because you spend big bucks on your internet that you automatically deserve to have an advantage over those that don't? Put me on a lan against you elitests and you'd find that you'd have more trouble than you think. I've been able to do well in every CoD regardless of whatever connection I've had to use. I think the field should be even no matter what connection you have, that's the most fair way to play, wouldn't you agree? Oh wait, I guess not, you want all advantages on your side. Now, I don't think that you should have 1 or 2 second delay, that's not fair to anyone, don't get me wrong here. But you think I have an unfair advantage when a shotgun won't kill in 3 shots upclose or I can shoot basically a full clip from a smg or ar into someone and not have anything register? Please, get off your high horse.

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                        28. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.


                        First of all I amnot on ahigh horse and second anyone on alaggy horse need watch their we deserve aeven playing field when it comes to money being spent on the game, electricity, internet, routers and all other things that go along with attempting to optimize your online gaming. Everything isn't for everyone..Period. You see on the back of the game case...Broadband required! Elites my muthafuc*n a55! Now the elitests are the ones catering to the morons and children, and those that are spending money on gaming online  if they so called barely can afford it. I worked my way from CoD4 having a 4-5d .4ishup all the way till now having 50d 5up and good hardware. Elitests don't work 10hrs a day. Smell your filthy post beginning to rot?


                        Oh and you FAIL pitifully! Next...

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                          29. Re: I'm am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

                          I think they fixed timing out. I'm pretty sure it still counts against you now.

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