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    Aiming Strategies

      When you see an enemy, you typically would want to aim down the sights and begin shooting at the enemy accurately. What's your strategy for aiming? Do you drag your crosshair over your enemy and then ADS, or do you ADS, then drag to your enemy? List your methods if you have any. I'm asking this because I'm getting an Xbox and this game for Christmas and I don't want to be nooby when I play for the first time. I played this at my friend's house and got my *** handed to me because of how spazzy I was with the aiming.

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              ADS every time you round a corner? Sounds slow...

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                  ADS on corners critical with on clutters maps win more gun fights

                  Have fast load perks and or ext mags use burst and change mags in safe spots

                  Turn auto aim off it's a distraction

                  Learn to shoot with iron sites saves a slot and eps are not an issue

                  Lead targets if lag v bad.

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                  Do not folow his reload strategy.

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                      I wouldn't use that video as tip, the people who were killed were idiots, no way that guy should have walked up there so easily.


                      Steady Aim is fantastic, too many people ADS from close range and hip firing starts putting bullets into them before they can you because they use their split second to go into ADS.


                      So a lot of the times I try for a hip take down, if I see it's not close enough I may start firing from the hip to try to make them flinch as I follow up to the sight. ADS around corners is a bad idea because you turn slower and your aim is tighter when most of the time they are going to be running full speed and spraying wildly.


                      People try cranking up there aim speeds and it's really a tactic for people that panic alot and fire wildly from close up. Slow and steady (and smart) can get you a lot more kills and less deaths. Less deaths being more important. Going 35 and 28 is not beasting.


                      Just read your map, get ready for close blips. Instead of charging after them make them have to fight on your terms, try to draw them into a bad spot.


                      And just because they may not be on radar doesn't mean you can't anticipate them, if your green arrows spawn near you, you are relatively safe, if you watch for green arrows spawning away from you, chances are enemies are close and you have better play defensively.


                      If you run subs then definitely run Steady Aim and hip fire often. MP7 is a great hip fire weapon and is a legitimate weapon that's not going to get you flamed like the FMG and Striker.


                      Be ready though because the spawns are insane on this game, that's why hip firing is crucial cause they will be every where all the time.

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                      Camp much

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                      GT is TACONITE 12


                      hit me up online man and i'll teach ya all about the game. i don't really like typing out answers because it takes to long and is unpresise. so just send me a message once you get your xbox and i will tell you all you need to know. good to find someone that acctually wants to learn and not another person that wants to run around like a chicken with thier head cut off.


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                        Turn down the sensitivity to the lowest, play then move it up according to how it feels.I find the 3 (med) is the most comfortable for me. As far as ads technique, it's simultaneous for me. And I would also suggest the red dot sight as it's the easiest to get used to.

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                            No don't do this, not trying to be an ass big.


                            Start at whatever speed you think you will like, slow, fast whatever.


                            If you build up slowly every time you switch it up it's going to throw your game off till you get used to it, by the time you get used to it you'll have to switch it up and throw yourself off again.


                            Just pick a speed from the get go. That way once you get used to it, you will be set. You ae going to be getting your ass kicked anyway trying to figure out maps and where to be. . . you might as well use the spanking time to be warming up to a aim speed.


                            . . . with all due respect to big head

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                            First of all, to get used to the aiming in COD, mess around with the sensitivity. Start on 2, bring it up to 3, then 4, then 5, then back to 4, then back to 3.. etc, untill you feel comfortable with one of those. I use 3 myself. About your question, you don't need to be ADS'd to be able to shoot. as soon as you see an opponent, try to lock on to him, but before you're even fully ads'd you can already hit him while hipfiring. I start hipfiring when I see him and I lock onto him as soon as possible. Often he already dies because of the hipfire before I even aimed for him. This works best for SMGs.

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                              Im guess this is going to be your first COD. There is a lot to learn really. Being a good player is much more than being able to aim well.


                              First thing you should do is mess around in private matches by yourself. Just go around each map and look for choke points. Look for areas where you have some defensive cover or are at an elevated position overlooking other areas. That way you wont be completely lost when you start playing.


                              When you do start playing, play TDM and killconfirmed. The spawn system is a little wacky on mw3 but you should try to get a general feel where you 'think' the enemy is going to be coming from. Dont go running around like a chicken with it's head cut off without knowing where you are going and what you might expect.


                              Play cautious. Too many people simply hold down sprint untill they see an enemy which most of the time means they will probably get the drop on you. Be cautious when going around corners, don't go running out into open areas.


                              For aiming you need to get used to where the center of your screen is. Most of the time i ADS i'm already dead center on who im going to shoot at. Also need to judge distance. For close range dont even bother aiming just hipfire if you ads and they are half decenent they wont just stand there so you wont be able to move as quickly. Medium range i like to start firing right before i start aiming. Long distance get used to burst firing. Even tho most weapons on here have 0 recoil it still will help make sure every single bullet lands on the target.



                              Most important thing to learn is map awareness. Being able to see that guy out of the corner of your screen is something a lot of people don't realise. If you see a lot of your team dieing in an area, don't run into that area. Try to flank or go around and get behind the enemy. You will eventually get used to where all the hot spots are in maps.

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                                  Yeah this guy seems to be on the ball.


                                  READ YOUR MAP. It will get you 3 extra kills a game just by reading it correctly.


                                  I run recon and motion sensor and I see my teammates get mowed down by marked men all the time. I look at map almost as much as I look at the actual game.


                                  I was playing Interchange the other night and was in an area that I knew the enemy was about to cross, my back was turned to a small corner of the map. I glanced at my map just in time to see a blip pop up on my motion sensor and he was super close, I didn't turn to him to try to engage him, I immedietly stepped straight backwards. Just as I stepped back a throwing knife wizzed by my head, hitting the wall in front of me. Just one foot to my right was the thrower, I just turned and hip fired for the final killcam.


                                  It's little stuff like that can save your life. Using motion sensors, READING THE MAP, and knowing how to engege each scenario. If I had just tried to turn and look at him I would have been toast, I stepped backwards because I knew he was going to try and be sneaky.

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                                  Aiming strategies vary from weapon to weapon. My advice is to find a sensitivity you enjoy (I like 5 as I find I have a good control and not too slow) then learn to aim while dragging your crosshairs towards people. What I mean by that is learn how long it will take you to move your crosshair from where you are looking to where the enemy is at. If the enemy can't see you wait until you are fully ADS before firing. If the enemy is looking straight at you fire at the same time as aiming and aim slightly lower (around the gut). Pretty much it takes practice to learn how to aim well but find a style that suits you and stick with it. Every now and then it is good to try something new if your gameplay is slipping, to mix it up, (Example: change sensitivity up or down)

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                                    The best way to improve your aim is by just playing. Simple as that.


                                    No need to change your sensitivity to begin with. (Just play on default and once you're comfortable bump it up or down depending on what you feel is lacking for you. e.g. if you find yourself out gunned at close range then bump it up.)


                                    As for a few tips, here are a few useful ones i have picked up over the years:


                                    1. At close to mid range shoot and aim at the same time (also dont bring up your sight and then aquire the target, try and get on target during while the gun is still coming up so when the sights finally do come up you are already aiming at him). Don't wait for your sight to come up before you shoot, especially if you don't have quickdraw. At close to mid range there is a good chance you will hit the enemy with atleast 1 bullet before your sight comes up, giving you an advantage over players who wait for their sight.


                                    2. Trying to hit the enemy is only half the battle. Avoiding your enemies bullets is just as important. Don't stand still and fire, unless you are behind decent cover. Strafing is the simplist but still very effective way of making it harder for your enemy to hit you. If you have an SMG or Steady aim with an AR then hip fire and strafe at close range (your movement is much slower when ADS.) Alternatively use Stalker, then you can ADS and strafe. Jumping and dropshotting are good techniques but are usually frowned up and arent easy for a new player (jumping more so than dropping)


                                    3. Use cover. This doesn't mean camp in the same piece of cover the whole map. This means learn the map and all its cover spots, so when you are on the move and encouter and enemy you can quickly get behind the cover and engage the enemy. Don't just run to the cover though, move and engage the enemy at the same time.


                                    4. Anticipate. If you can predict your enemies movements you can get to positions which will give you and advantage in the fight. This isnt just useful offensively. If you know that an enemy has good cover and is watching a certain route, you have 2 options, 1 flank him, sometimes this isnt possible when playing a clan who is set up well which is when you usually have to use 2 which is try and predict exactly the enemies location and try and get them before they get you (not usually recommended and requires good map knowledge and aim)


                                    5. Don't spring around corners. Sprinting is probably the main cause of deaths. Im not saying dont sprint at all. If you know that no one is going to be shooting you then sprint all you like. If you are the front line of your team though i would recommend that each time you round a corner bring up your sights. Not before the corner though, this will make you an easy target since you will come around the corner very slow.


                                    6. Just play, dont take it to serious, especially if this is one of your first CODs, some people have been playing this game for years and years now so obviously will be a bit good. Also try and play with a team which will talk to you. Its much easier to predict enemy movements if your team is letting you know where the enemy are.

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                                      That video was useless. The best way to get use to aiming is to get owned. Everyone aims different. I didn't get better at aiming until I started being a run and gunner. It really helped me snap onto targets quickly but it took a month to get ok at it and now it helps in all aspects of gaming. It also breaks noobies outta ads trance and lets you see the whole map. Make sure you get good with iron sights first due to the fact that it helps you overall aiming. Long story short find the sensitivty you are comfortable with and run with it. Practice makes perfect.