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        110. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

        Hi! I'm Gary:)


        I run a YouTube channel called LGUCodExpert we have been a part of the youtube community for a while now although only recently started to become active again. We specialise in making spoof/parody glitch videos!

        We don't take ourselves very seriously and would love for you guys to check us out!


        Our Channel is Youtube.com/LGUCodExperts





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          111. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

          My name is something Im told is not to be posted in these forums.  Its considered personally identifiable information.   Im not sure how a moderator could not know that.  Iv been working to make gaming safer for kids, as these have become the predatorial 'chat rooms' of the early 90's.  As a Marine I find it in my soul to attempt, with all and ANY efforts, to combat those that would pray on the young or those that dont understand the dangers inherit in web traffic.  As a person responsible for alot of what we all enjoy (the internet); I find it amazing that some companies STILL think OS's like Linux (Ubunutu, Zeuz, etc) are bulletproof.  Im looking to start a company that focus' on the new (some are not really new just never thought of) virus' and malware that can affect the Linux systems.  As an old school hacker, I find it disgraceful that last year more high end server exploits were against Linux machines versus Windows... but then again MS realises they can get virus' so they have a team that actually tries to preemptivly find these hidden explois.


          Let the insulting begin...

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            112. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

            Hello everyone. 

            Cheats have just pissed me off completley today.  Despite nothing being done about cheats on the MW3 servers by the publishers, who make millions out of the game.  Today my account has been hacked and now reduced from just short of 1,500,000 points to zero by some wanker with a hack.  My prestege simbol had been altered to Prestige 15 some months ago but I could live with that as I was on Prestige 9 and getting there anyway. 

            however, today I have had enough fighting these idiots and have decided that after playing CoD in every form on the Wii from the very first now it is time to kick the game into touch.


            I am going to make it my objective to make sure no one I know ever buys another ActiVision game ever again.  People have been complaining about cheats since the year dot but no one appears to care as long as the developers and distributors can buy their sports cars and big houses stuff the customers.

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              113. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

              Hey im shibby man!  youtube xShibbymanx if you would like to know more about me, zzirGrizz commented on one of my vids too

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                114. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                Hey Everyone! My name is UntouchableWolf. I am a Youtube Commentator and you can find me easily by typing my name in at Youtube or by follow the link below.




                I am a Fierce Competitor and I Provide Entertaining and Helpful Gameplays But I also Like to Remind Everyone to Remember to have FUN while Gaming. I truly enjoy playing all of the CODs and yes even MW3. A lot of people like to hate on MW3 or complain, but every game is going to have a flaw.


                So many gamers forget the simple things as just to remember to have fun, i truly believe if you remember to have fun while gaming you can always improve.


                I play all type of Games, From MW3 to Gears, so you will see that my YouTube Channel is very diverse.


                Thanks For Reading about me and you can also contact me on Twitter:







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                  115. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                  Hello all!


                  My name is Alexandre and I hail from France but I ironically don't know much French .


                  I am a Wii gamer and I've been playing since World at War and i enjoy MW3 because I don't run into many hackers.


                  I enjoy golf, tennis, and soccer, listening to classic rock, and gaming. I have plenty of free time so if you want to play Cod with me on Wii feel free to pm me.


                  Only those who are French can pronounce my name correctly. See ya in the forums!


                  And don't worry, I am a very nice person, unless you are a hacker or a booster, I'll hunt you down (in the game )

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                    116. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                    My name is Lurch (nick name) and I hail from Canada.  I enjoy playing games, playing hockey (a canadian that plays hockey?  NO WAY!) and playing guitar as well as drums.  I'm in a band that will probably go nowhere but I do it for fun though.  I'm also a butcher at a meat factory. 

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                      117. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                      hello everyone.

                      my name is josh.  i'm 21 and studying music.  i play classical guitar, drums, piano, and sing.  i've been enjoying cod now since black ops (i know, i'm a young one).  I'm trying to improve my quickscoping so if anyone would be interested in doing a private lobby please let me know!

                      gamertag: boomVsnapVclap

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                        118. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                        Hello I am a competitive gamer. You can message me on Xbox for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 scrimage. My GT is AAG Gangsta Jr. My GB is Prozey you can message me on GB for a real match. I also have a youtube channel. Please check it out and subscribe. http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSlayingUnicorn?feature=mhee

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                          119. Re: INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

                          Hey guys,


                          My name is Nisha (and yes, I'm a girl). I'm fairly new to COD, i just got my xbox the January of 2011. I'm pretty big on gaming (SSBB, Zelda, Pokemon, COD, Kingdom Hearts, etc..), and I also love art and music. I am 17 and I'm currently going to college for graphic design and advertising.


                          Message me if you want to play :]

                          Xbox Gamertag: aTravelingGamer

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