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    READ: Attention seasoned veterans and new comers!

      Welcome to the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 forums! The purpose of this thread is to introduce you to staff, some quick reminders and a few tips from us to you. Let's get started!



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      Don't advertise here or beg for content.

      • Don't ask us for handouts. Get your subscription cards or money elsewhere.

      • Don't ask us to subscribe to your YouTube channel or beg for positive karma.

      • Don't ask us to buy your strategies, shirts or other items.

      • Don't ask our users to leave our site to win your prizes. Give it away here, or don't at all.

      Disagreements and debates are welcome. Not everyone is going to agree on a particular issue.

      • Keep it clean, keep it constructive and stay frosty.

      • Foul and hateful posts will never get your point across.

      • Don't bicker for multiple pages. Aggree to disagree.

      Observe the Code of Conduct!

      • This should be common sense: Racist, sexist and xenophobic content is going to get you banned.

      • Contact one of the moderators if you think something went amiss. Don't create thread after thread for an answer.

      • Veterans from the community may tell you if you "are out of line." Listen to them before we have to get involved.

      Stay on topic and use the right forum.

      • Don't hijack a thread. If you need your own, make one.

      • Don't spam your threads. They're just going to get deleted and you in trouble.

      • It's cool if you just accomplished something awesome. Go to the OT section and let's talk.

      • A universal concern or issue belongs in the main sub-forum. Not each and every sub-forum.


      • Search! Google is your friend and search our forum for information you need!

      • If you aren't sure of what to do about a particular issue, PM a moderator for best results.

      • Sign up for Elite and join some groups. Being social is part of the gaming experience!

      • Report threads or users that are actively harassing others or are breaking the Code of Conduct.

      • Be wary of user generated contact. Downloading programs posted by others will be done at your own risk!

      • Enjoy the forums and try to keep an open mind. We have gamers from across the globe here, we're all family.