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        10. Blind eye and Assassin perks

        I completly agree with you Advance UAV is a modern Blackbird,

        and this time EMP counters the all the perks.

        But would his mean EMP would be too OP, considering the kills it takes.



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          11. Blind eye and Assassin perks

          Especially that means that they have to carry

          a launcher secondary which gives there position away on the radar, no one shoots them down with primary weapons that arent silenced. Dont forget about the deathperk that gives away the last person that kills you his or her position away.



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            12. Blind eye and Assassin perks

            Good topic. However, I think spy planes will be less powerful than they are in Black Ops and, therefore, less frequent. This is partly due to the balancing of kill-streaks and performance of the game's engine.


            First of all, the kill-streaks stack in MW3. This is what deterred many, including myself, from using spy planes in MW2. Many people will be aiming for the higher kill-streaks like the predator in the assault class. Also, in the support class who would want to use UAV if you are allowed to die in between kills/points to obtain a strike package? Why not go for the better, higher strike packages? Most people using the support tier will not be using UAVs and believe me, a LOT of people will be using this tier because it's the easier of the three.


            Second, the game's engine allows for players to easily shoot down spy planes with ARs and even SMGs. One of the most accurate guns in Black Ops, the Galil, still makes it difficult to shoot down a UAV with bullets. Have you tried shooting one down in black ops with a gun? It's pretty tough. Why bother? Just use Ghost. That's why you have so many Ghost users in Black Ops. However, in MW2, I can hold the trigger to a UAV and nail just about every bullet, easily shooting it down. In MW2, it never crossed my mind to use Cold-Blooded because UAVs were never a problem for me.


            This game looks to be balanced pretty well. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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              13. Blind eye and Assassin perks

              This question was put to Rob Bowling and he said the splash from explosives when using recon will show assassin users up but who is going to use recon perk ? we all know in blops people abused ghost, blended in with the enviroment and used a silencer. What is the point in playing a game if you cannot move around !!! i strongly suggest silencers be disabled when using assassin and blind eye perks.

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                14. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                I don't remember this much complaining about perks, especially something like Cold-Blooded back in MW2, then again I might be wrong.

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                  15. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                  I would be more concerned with Hardline

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                    16. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                    easiest fix is to make assassin/blind eye users not immune to c-uav and advanced uav.


                    keep the thermal, heartbeat, uav, and red square on air support immunities so that assassin is like ninja and coldblooded. thats plenty powerful but still balanced. if assassin makes the user immune to advanced uav, no one is gonna use it because its already not as powerful as the blackbird.

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                      17. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                      I don't even know why people are upset about Assassin/Blind Eye. Cold-Blooded was those two perks and better. Stopping Power was there to balance Cold-Blooded out, and there are a plethora of other perks to balance Assassin/Blind Eye.


                      Even if somebody uses Blind Eye, Assassin, and Dead Silence, they are not going to have any sort of speed, explosive, or killstreak advantage (No Quickdraw, Sleight of Hand, Extreme Conditioning, Blast Shield, SitRep, whatever they're called in this game).

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                        18. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                        personally i think they need to bring back stopping power. In MW2 it gave people a decent incentive not to use cold blooded because they would have to sacrifice greater weapon damage to use it. Now there is no incentive not to use those perks. i doubt they will fix it and I can see a problem arrising from it however, they do do a lot of testing and I'm sure they have worked out most of the hitches.

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                          19. Blind eye and Assassin perks

                          I think that Mw3 has the right concept in the fact that people who use "Blind Eye" would be hidden from enemy helicopters etc. But i believe that "Assasin" shouldn't be immune to Counter Uav and also it should be able to be countered by the advanced uav. That way users could still be undetected by the regular uav but will become visible in the advanced uav.

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