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    Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast: New episode next week, sorry about the hiatus.


      Welcome to the Corner Campers, a podcast by Wii COD players FOR Wii COD players. Join us each week as we discuss many issues in the Wii community ranging from news to debates on controversial issues like the Classic Controller Pro. The whole point of this podcast is to encourage discussion among the community as well as bring the community together. 


      Feel free to drop a post in our thread if you have any suggestions, complaints, or if you want to be a guest in a future episode. We hope you guys enjoy the show!




      Episode 22


      *MP3 download link in video description.


      Cast: Semperfi, Nintendon't, Grombloodboy, Kaiserdemon, xSavage


      Subjects: Black Ops II Discussion.




      Older Episodes are contained in the second post of this thread.


      Podcast Staff:

      Grombloodboy: Host/Episode Planner


      Nintendon't : Host/Episode Editor


      Semperfi550: Host/Youtube manager


      Flippy: Outro music




      Informational Text: This is not an advertisement. We intend to use this thread as a way to communicate with the community on what they want to hear next, what they think of what we said, if they want to sign up and be guests. This is a discussion thread that will be updated with new podcasts when they are aired. I want to make this extremely clear, we are not trying to advertise here. This was created fully with intention of sponsoring discussion among members of the community on various topics in the game. Moderators, if you think this is advertising, and wish to lock/delete it, please, can you first contact me or Grombloodboy in this thread so we can discuss how we can still use this forum as a place to discuss the podcast. We would hate to see this thing taken away from the community.


      Foxhound's "OK" on the Black Ops boards:

      http://www.callofduty.com/thread/100544342?start=480&tstart=0 (It's in the middle of the page)

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          1. Re: Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

          Older Episodes:


          Episode 0 (8/14/11)



          Cast:GromBloodboy, Kaiser Demon, Edson, and Nintendon't.


          Subjects: MW3 Announced, What is Right and What is Wrong with BO, What they didn't bring over from MWR and W@W to BO that they should have, Hidden Masters, Ghost's Objective Tournament, and Double vs. Triple Capping.


          Episode 1 (8/21/11)



          Cast:GromBloodboy, Kaiser Demon, Edson, and Nintendon't, Semperfi550, Cover-Fire Fry


          Subjects: MW3 Expectations, Theories, and Predictions, Bipods on Snipers and LMGs, Underrated Weapon and Perk combos, Call of Duty XP, and CCP vs. Wiimote Debate


          Episode 2 (9/6/11)



          Cast: Kaiserdemon, Nintendon't, Bitterbub, Thepenguinz


          Subjects:Kaiser's departure from the podcast, Is rapid fire in MW3 a good idea?, Sleight of Hand Pro vs. Warlord with Dual mags, Discussion about Zelda Skyward Sword, and Penguin sings?!


          Episode 3 (9/12/11)



          Cast: GromBloodboy, Edson, Nintendon't, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok, Semperfi550


          Subjects: Part 1 of an in depth look and analysis of the MW3 multiplayer player reveal at COD XP.


          Episode 4 (9/19/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Semperfi550, Cover Fire Fry, Fissure, Smile, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok


          Subjects: New PDP Wii mic announced, Grom's 3v3 tourney, Reminiscing on W@W and MWR, Recording gameplay, The Youtube side of the Wii community, some MW3 talk, MOAR zelda skyward sword discussion (lol bitterbub has a massive hardon for this game) and a debate on Frags vs. Semtex vs. Tomahawks


          Episode 5 (9/27/11):


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Flippy, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok

          Subjects: Part 2 of a look at the multiplayer reveal at COD XP



          Episode 6 (10/6/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Desimahdin, Semperfi550, Bunnyz, Bitterbub, TheGrinchWii, DanSkatekid


          Subjects: Kid gets strangled after talking crap on black ops, New MW3 private game modes, discussion about Wii's breaking, the horrifying truth behind energy drinks, evolution of COD Wii, and a debate on one of the most controversial issues of human history, Pepsi Vs. Coke.



          Episode 7 (10/17/11)



          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, Desimahdin, Dafightingrobot, and SH*TBLOCK.


          Subjects: We have a "chat" with Activison support, Treyarch's new game on the Wii U?, How to properly use airstrikes, A discussion about Camping, Why no Gas in MW3?, Sh*tblock's new Job with Activision, a debate about whether Ghost is really Gaz, and finally a discussion about who's more badass, Reznov, Price, or Pink Captain Falcon?! 0_o


          Intro/Outro music by the master troll himself, Padiego.



          Episode 8 (10/31/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Semperfi, SH*TBLOCK, Fate/hebethatreal, Daisyfan, Bitterbub


          Subjects: MW3 Double XP Prestige tokens, Will they come to Wii?, Why trade in COD games?, No character customization in Modern Warfare 3,  Good bye Black Ops , SH*TBLOCK talks about how Activision is trying to stop hackers on Wii in MW3, Are weapons really OP in Black Ops?, are there hit detection issues in Black Ops?


          Episode 9 (11/7/11)



          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, IC0NB0Y, Fate, Mr. Huntinnoobs


          Subjects: MW3 Wii delayed in europe, discussion about MW3 Wii boxart, MW3 release day plans, The huge squeaker population on Black Ops, Will the Wii community get respect with MW3 Wii?, and finally we respond to some listener comments on past episodes.


          Episode 10 11/14/11



          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, DaFightingRobot, Momskirbyok, Nitemare, Bitterbub


          Subjects: MW3 has the biggest opening day of all time, Hidden COD4/MW2 maps found in MW3 PC version, MW3 impressions, things we like, things we hate, and finally we respond to some listener comments.


          Episode 11 (11/21/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Desimahdin, IC0NB0Y, Skipper, Padiego


          Subjects: MW3 Wii breaks records, Wii patch out, post patch MW3 impressions and complaints, bugs, and Pizza is a vegetable now? Then finally we end off by responding to some listner comments


          Episode 12 (11/21/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Desimahdin, Semperfi, Creed, Bunnyzx1, xKhaoz


          Subjects: COD Elite hits a major mile stone, The Classic Controller in MW3, is it balanced, overpowered or underpowered?, Semperfi and Nintendon't argue alot, Discussion about some of the "supposedly" overpowered weapons in MW3, we open the mailbag and look at some listener comments. and finally we have a debate on which killstreak is better Pavelow or Juggernaut.


          Episode 13 (12/5/11)



          Cast: Grombloodboy, Dafightingrobot, Fate, Padiego, Skipper, Envy


          Subjects: FMG9 nerf/lag compensation patch coming to the PS3/360, will they come to wii and why is lag compensation a problem?, a discussion about MW3 LMGs, hosting, Grom rages, and finally we read some listener comments: Why do classic controller players play on Wii instead of the PS3/360, Why is the game so dark on my TV, and why is the podcast called the "Corner Campers"?


          Episode 14 (12/12/11)



          Cast: Nintendon't, Grombloodboy, Semperfi, Padiego, Flippy, WA Jack Bauer


          Subjects: Sledgehammer working on new COD game, Nostalgic Map Pack is fake, speculation about the Wii U and the next COD, Is ACOG sniping in MW3 super MLG legit easy mode?, "supposedly" overpowered guns and finally we look at some listener comments: fixing a Wii disc drive?, What tastes good with a nice deep fried copy of MW3?, Grom's best bud drops a message, and CPD leaves a message in the audio mailbag.


          Episode 15 (3/3/12)


          *MP3 download link in video description


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Semperfi, CPD, Flippy, Revolt


          Subjects: Discussing the recently released patches/hotfixes, bugs that are still in the game, Silenced snipers legit or *****?, noobtubes, misc trolling, Beastblood's tourney



          Episode 16 (3/10/12)


          *MP3 download link in video description


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Padiego, Mace, Momskirbyok


          Subjects: COD XP 2012 happening in London?, The Predator missle *******, Is downturn a bad map?, and finally we look at some listener comments: Is silenced sniping cowardly, 7 moabs legit?, and are all the maps bad?



          Episode 17 (3/17/12)


          *MP3 download link in video description

          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, Padiego, SHitblock


          Subjects: Some Elite 2.0 info revealed, Can I has killcams on Wii?, A look at Reflex: is it really the best game evar or are people's senses being blurred by nostalga, discussing the upcoming LMG bufff, and finally a look at some listener comments.


          Episode 18 (3/27/12)


          *MP3 download link in video description.


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, Azhood, Nightmare, Penguin


          Subjects: AlterIW Shutdown, Weapon DLC not a"priority" for IW, Nintendon't and Grom aruge about whether weapon DLC is overpowered or not, the messed up firerates on certain guns in MW3 Wii, should they be fixed to be more like the PS3/360 versions or should they be left alone?, Nintendon't rages at the guests for being terrified to talk, and finally we look at some listener comments.


          Episode 19 (4/5/12)



          *MP3 download link in video description.


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, Eckon, Knife

          Subjects: Bowling's depature, Leveling Up, the ACR is a totally overpowered beast of a gun, Camping Vs. Rushing debate and finally we look at listener comments by opening up the mailba...I mean mail sack.


          Episode 20 




          *MP3 download link in video description.


          Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, MomskirbyOK, Terminator 02

          Subjects: Community Manager Rumors, Black Ops 2 rumors, Black Ops 2 on the Wii and not the Wii U?!,  Are Dedicated servers really the "bee knees"?, overpowered PPs, Killwhoring/Killstreak debate: should kills from killstreaks count for KDR?, and finally as usual we take a look at the *ahem* mailsack.



          Episode 21


          *MP3 download link in video description.


          Cast: Nintendon't, Semperfi, Kaiserdemon, Fate, Glove


          Subjects: We talk about outdated news that happened a week ago because Nintendon't was too lazy to render and edit the podcast last week. Hooray! Former Infinity Ward Community Manager/"Creative Strategist" Robert Bowling starts a new game studio....lolwut, talk about hackers, 1337 quick scopers, aim assist; should it return in BO 2?, Gamestop not having a Wii U midnight launch?!!, ETC, then we read some listener comments, also fate creeps everyone out...alot. 0_o

          Last Edited: May 11, 2012 9:40 AM
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            2. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

            Its good to see that u guys r gonna continue on with the podcast in mw3

            Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 7:21 AM
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              3. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

              Thanks man. We're gonna record a new episode today. It'll probably be posted monday.

              Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:02 AM
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                4. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                who's gonna be today?

                Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:13 AM
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                  5. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                  Anybody that's on Skype at 6 EST. Grom's not gonna be on again so we're gonna have as many people on as possible.

                  Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:18 AM
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                    6. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                    YEAH! i'm on today finally!

                    Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:20 AM
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                      7. Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                      sounds about right... good luck man

                      Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:21 AM
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                        8. Re: Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                        thanks, but i need Nintendont's Skype >.>

                        Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:22 AM
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                          9. Re: Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast

                          ritz186 wrote:


                          thanks, but i need Nintendont's Skype >.>

                          24-sep-2011 10:21 (in response to nintendon't) *feels awkward*

                          Last Edited: Sep 24, 2011 8:23 AM
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