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    How do you think matchmaking will work?


      Hey guys,


      Just a small question regarding matchmaking in Survival Mode.


      How do you think it will work?


      By that, I mean, do you think it will work like multiplayer? So, you search for a lobby, and then you are given a choice of three maps to vote from?


      Or do you think it will work like Zombies, where you choose your map before, and are put into a lobby based on that choice?


      I personally think (and hope) it works like multiplayer. Don't split the player count up. Keep us all in one very large pool.


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          My best bet would deff be that it would be like Zombies, because there is no certain game modes to play like in MP. So you choose the map and then wait for someone else. Makes the most sense anyways.

          • How do you think matchmaking will work?

            This is a reeally good idea..and a reeally bad idea haha.

            GOOD: with so many maps, this will cut out the least popular maps from having a hard time connecting people simply because of the lower number people in the whole lobby.

            BAD: it will take away the option people love (and are used to from zombies) of playing their favorite maps over and over.

            - I would say have both, but that will split up the spec ops community searching for games even more.


            SOLUTION: have both, but have the "select your map" type of matching only in "private" games. This way you CAN have both, so with friends or solo you pick your own map, and when finding a random you play a random map, or (like in zombies with people you find who have mics) invite the random to a private game so you can select your own map.

            Is this a better idea?