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    FFA Knives Only (PS3)


      Date: COMPLETED
      Platform: Playstation 3
      Gametype: Free For All
      Rules: KNIVES ONLY
      Badge Earned:

      Game 1: Platforms
      Game 2: Fourzerotwo
      Game 3: xhiro-
      Game 4: cubsfan2154
      Game 5: Hybrid21
      Game 6: Kyler220izback

      How to participate:

      1. Reply to this post with your PSN ID.
      2. Log on to PSN on May 24th before 5pm.
      3. Wait for a game invite from PSN ID: [url=http://www.us.playstation.com/PSN/Users/fourzerotwoIW:36eyyp1g]fourzerotwo IW[/url:36eyyp1g]

      I'll invite 8 players at a time to a Private Match lobby. We'll play an 8-player game of Free For All w/ knives only. Last man standing earns the badge. Everyone else gets stabbed in the face. Yay.

      Note: Only users to reply to this post can be eligible for the badge. That way I can match gamertags to forum usernames.
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