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    MW2 Special Dates FAQ

      Modern Warfare 2 Anounced 12-3-08.

      1st Commercial For MW2 Was On 5-10-09
      During the Boston Orlando NBA Playoff Game.
      [url:3cpvz44p]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjUPfN-DGFQ&feature=channel_page[/ url:3cpvz44p]

      402 Anonced That Ther Will Be A 10 Page Blow Out About MW2 On The June 2009 Game Informer Magazine On 5-11-09.

      Game Trailers Has An Exclusive Trailer On MW2 On 5-22-09.

      The World Premiere For MW2 Was Shown  In Game 3 Of The Eastern Conference Finals On 5-24-09.
      <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://modernwarfare2.infinityward.com/">http://modernwarfare2.infinitywa rd.com/</a><!-- m -->

      E3 Will Have New Information About MW2 June 2nd-4th
      E3 Website [url:3cpvz44p]http://www.e3expo.com/[/url:3cpvz44p]

      Ill update this when new dates come up. Please tell me if Im missing a date somewere. Thanks