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        Bloc is awesome
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          Bloc is alright, I always vote to skip because i like fast paced search and destroy games.
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            I see people saying that people only snipe on Bloc, and I want to be in some of those games. I havent seen more than 1 sniper on bloc since the game came out.

            I hate Bloc for the opposite reason from everyone else...I hate it because nobody snipes on it anymore. I think what happened was that so many people were sniping, that one retard said "Hey, Im gonna go silenced SMG on this map." Then, because of that guy, everyone else had to go SMG to cancel out the people who were doing this. So now, everyone uses SMGs

            In fact, I have a hard time finding ANY games where people snipe anymore...
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              I dont sniper there, i stealth class, but it still bugs the heck out of me. I played bloc once on S&D, worst match ever, everyone was just corner camping. soooo annoying. As for Wetwork, i love using ACOG snipers(any of them but 50 cal) there. Works great if u use the long lines of sight on the ground to your advantage.
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                I've sort of wondered about why people hate Bloc as well.

                I like it. I'm not a great sniper, but I'll fire back at someone if they fire into a building. Usually misses, but at least I try. It normally reverts to grabbing my MP44 and walking through the enemy building firing at them. Kinda fun.

                Snipers tend to have an advantage at the start of Bloc, but the playing field changes randomly. People can't tell when they're going to need their automatics. That's what I assume is the reason anyway.
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                  jookslol wrote:


                  Bloc is only fun around the pool area.

                  That place is un-used it should of been the Sabotage target or a Domination Flag
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                    UnH4PpY C10wN

                    Karma- wrote:


                    I love playing on Bloc. Always use a Silenced MP5 with Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer, and Dead Silence. Knifing snipers in the back is always fun.

                    Same or snipe. Depends what game I'm playing. :D
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                      Wetworks if definitely worse than Bloc. Bloc isn't so bad.
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                        Niffenator wrote:


                        I think some people probably don't like it because sniper rifles are so dominant on it

                        Are you kidding me? If your getting sniped on Bloc then your doing something wrong. I can't even think of the last time a sniper killed me on Bloc, its the worst level to snipe on. I just run around executing snipers who are prone and crouched. Yes, I take the time to pull my pistol out and double tap them in the back of the head, I do it so when they watch the kill cam they feel like a total tard for sniping on that map in the first place.

                        Raw_King07 wrote:


                        It's because everyone wants to snipe on Bloc, but they always die by people who aren't retarded and use a silenced SMG and just go around killing everyone in the buildings.

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                          For TDM I'll do nothing but snipe
                          For Domination/HQ it's a toss up between sniping or running silenced SMG
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