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    Kudos to PunkBuster

      Been playing for about two hours on three different servers and several players were banned.  Just love it!!!
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          PB sucks, I dont like it because its not as good as some other AC programs
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            Honestly, I think PB is one of the better ACs out there.

            To be honest, I've never seen an AC where...

            - you can [url=http://i26.tinypic.com/fxcsis.png:1a6qsys9]submit cheats to them...and they actually respond back with thanks.[/url:1a6qsys9](meaning that they actually KNOW the cheat exists and they're trying to make it detected, rather than making a guessing game on whether they know or not.)
            - there's alot of 3rd party Anti Cheat Organizations that take an AC to the next level (i.e: PBBans, PunksBusted, AON, etc.)