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        JayLJohnston wrote:


        I find it disturbing if they just put a cap on the fire rate.  I don't use modded controllers, and rarely use single shot guns, but I know people who can shoot these single shot guns fast, by using SKILL.  What IW should have done is put an algorithm in to count the distance between shots, and if like 5 shots are fired in exactly the same frequency, then kick the person out or don't let them fire for 20 seconds.  Turbo controllers always use the same frequency, whereas humans with skill can still shoot fast, yet there will always be a few milliseconds difference between shot fire times.

        Ive heard that there are actually modded controllers that will randomise the speed at which the shots are fired, although still ridiculously quickly.  This I believe was to get around a patch released for another game (Maybe Vegas 2 or W@W or something), so unfortunately, good idea, but it just wouldnt stop it.

        I still cant see any difference between what it was before and now anyways.  People complaining really need to understand that 10 shots a second is still ridiculously quick for a semi auto gun.
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          ahh, ok I never knew that!  I'm just hoping that it stops these people, which it sounds like it will...
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            If any of you morons can shoot a pistol that fast and it be as accurate as it was on this game, or the same thing with a full auto barrett 50 cal, or G3, then please do so, video tape, and post on youtube for all of us to see. If you morons can do that, then you have a complaint. I've had arguments about this since the day modded controllers made their mark, and nobody has ever shown me they can shoot a gun that fast.
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              this is brilliant news. just reading the kiddies replies now has made me happy

              when switching to pistol i can fire pretty damn quick but not like a modder

              i dont mind the sacrifice  now

              you ****** cheaters - whos laughing now?

              heres a solution keep cod4 loaded and your xbox on before the patch and never switch it off -and you wont get the update

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                this sucks **** IW
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                  Everyone who doesn't like it has a mod...simple as that.
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                    Devils6thSin wrote:


                    Everyone who doesn't like it has a mod...simple as that.

                    you're dumb to think that..
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                      Devils6thSin wrote:


                      Everyone who doesn't like it has a mod...simple as that.

                      Ahh, here comes more narrow-minded answers.
                      Alright, Devils6thSin, I'll give an example from your perspective..
                      Everyone who doesn't use a mod is homosexual. Everyone who doesn't use a mod is ghetto and can't afford one. Everyone who is named Devils6thSin sucks the man-meat.
                      Now, there are some examples. I can't obviously know if you use a mod or not (I really can't, now. LOL), nor can I tell if you're homosexual. I can't tell if you're ghetto or rich out the wazoo. I don't honestly know everyone named Devils6thSin, nor do I know if they suck the big ol' man-meat, but judging by that post, I think I can safely assume you do.
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                        SSJ Prince V
                        i hate the new patch, i cant fire my pistol or G3 fast anymore =(
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                          I just went on..... the semi-autos are now completely useless.