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    Dear, IW These are my thoughts. Please read.


      I am writing from the UK, I don't usually sign up or take part in forum discussions but in this case I had to make an exception.

      I just wanted to let infinity ward know how deeply disappointed I am with the changes IW have made to online play. For me I have always been a PC gamer and I always thought that it was the consoles aim to be more like a PC and not the other way around.

      It seems to me with the news that IW will be using a peer-2-peer system for online gaming seems to be a step back rather than a step forward.  I can’t understand why IW seems to set on destroying competitive community’s with this P2P system which can’t possibly work because 1. The host will have an advantage. 2. Even if you put some system in place to give the host a 15ms delay residential connections are just not capable of running a game of this type.

      Residential connections are fine for running Left 4 Dead servers as its just 4 players versus the AI so having a 100 ping doesn’t really affect people. Another example is GRID I believe this uses a P2P system which is also fine since it’s a racing game and there’s not really that much going on. But in a first person shooter where you have maybe 16 people in a clan match with people running around shooting at each other where the slightest bit of lag can change the outcome of the game I just don’t see a peer-2-peer system working here. Everyone needs to be connecting a central point otherwise known as a DEDICATED SERVER.

      I have been watching this forum since Saturday evening when I first got word of this bad news and listening to the podcast on bash and slash and I have to stay that I am proud of how the PC community as come together to make themselves heard and I am not talking about the kids spamming and linking to porn but the ones that are truly affected by this obvious bad choice.

      What makes me angry at this situation is from what I have learnt it was the gaming community that discovered this change and it also seemed to me that Robert Bowling a console gamer dropped this “Bombshell” by accident I think Infinity Ward would of been happy keeping this under wraps till release day and then saying well we have ruined online play but thanks for the money.

      Because of your choices to try and destroy PC gaming me and my 4 friends have cancelled our pre-orders and from the looks of it so have so many other people. We was really looking forward to this game and I really didn’t like having to cancel my order but if that’s how we are going to be heard then so be.

      I will continue to check back to see if you have come to your senses yet and by senses I mean the fact that according to what I have heard 11 million copies of Modern Warfare was sold to PC players and 6 million to Xbox owners. Do the math and get your act together.

      Thanks for Reading