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    1 WEEK LEFT :O:O:O

      Just, try to imagine it guys. Just try to imagine the future. I can't imagine it :S Only 7 days left. 7 DAYS. I havn't pre-ordered it, I will just go to the store and buy the fcking insane game. I'm not going to watch ANY vid of cod mw2, untill I get the game. Why you may ask.. Well, because I want some surprises, when I play the game.

      I'm one of those who plays MP mostly. When I get the game I will try playing MP, and if all the stats and leaderboards are reset and everyone is at level 1 - 10 etc. I will play it the whole day. If not I'll start by completing the single player.

      When I bought, Cod MW, I started by finnishing the story mode, I was really amazed by the graphics. Then, when I was done with the story mode, I was afraid of that, there wasn't anything left to do. But then I tryed the MP mode. I was fckd up amazed.
      I bought this game like 3 - 4 months ago and I still play online.

      Well, so I can't wait to try the new features on MP and on campaign and Spec-Ops OFC.

      By the way.. Can anyone explain me, what Spec-Ops is :D