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    Some MP questions

      Well, I got everything ready to get the game and if I want the game right now, I can just go to the store that is located very close to my house, but NO.

      I will ask you friendly guys, some questions about the game before i buy the game. So I would appreciate it highly if you would answer to my questions :D

      1: Can you please tell me about, this year's Create-A-Class. Like, bad things and good things about it.
      2: Can you tell me about this year's challenges. Like, are there more challenges than the old MW etc.
      3: Can you please tell me about the maps. Are the maps too big. Or are there some maps, where you have alot of fights.
      4: Attachments. I have seen some new attachments on youtube. What can you say about them.
      5: Kill streaks. What can you say about them. Annoying things or good things about them.

      OVERALL, what do you think about the game. Specially the mp.

      So, I wont buy the game untill my questions are answered. So please, help me out guys.
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          Re: Some MP questions
          My friend, you are just going to have to try it for yourself. I can't give you much info because i could only play til about 3am since i have class right now. I hit about lv10 and played on a varierty of the maps and mostly the Ground War gametype. I love the game so far, and can't wait to play it later today. There seems to be a much wider variety of challenges and attachments. Customizable killstreaks are cool. If you liked COD4 you should love this one too.
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            Re: Some MP questions
            Hmm.. thanks for the answer. Nothing that I expected from 70+ views.. Well :/
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              Re: Some MP questions
              Like I said I haven't had enough time with it to really tell you.. Not many people have since it just came out. I wish I could help you more. I'm betting from the time I have spent it's going to live up and be better than COD4 though.

              EDIT: Attachments - theres a bunch, like a whole list's worth. I can say that. the first is a grenade launcher, then a red dot, then silence. that's as far as I got I don't have the rest memorized nor am i quite sure about how multiple attachments work yet.

              Killstreaks: At lv 10 you can customize them. the predator missle strike is fun to do. You will be able to unlock any of them all at lv 10 for sure because you get 1 point. I don't know how to earn more of those points yet. I've unlocked an attack helicopter.. at 25 (more or less) you can get a tactical nuke so that's perked my interest a bit.. you can choose 3 out of all of them to use in your loadout. The airdrop is quite useful I can say that much.

              Deathstreaks: excellent idea in my opinion. the extra hell for 10 seconds after spawn I believe is IW's way of ending spawn killing

              Maps: I don't have enough experience to give you details about these.. but I've liked all I've played on so far. no complaints from me

              Perks: there seems to be pro versions of perks.. such as if you sprint a mile with marathon you get the Pro Marathon I challenge.. If you sprint for a set amount I think you can get an improved version of the perk

              Challenges: tons.. remember Marksmen 1 - 3 or 4? well now that's been MUCH expanded to go with all the attachments.. there's over 8 I'm pretty sure.. There are also many more expert challenges and you get more camo for them.

              Weapons: quite interesting.. shotguns, machine-pistols, pistols, and many rocket launcher type guns can be set as your secondsary.. I'm messing around with an M4/Spas12 shotgun setup.. There are sticky grenade (symteck's).. they're pretty cool but I haven't had much experience with them. Throwing knives are also a substitute for a grenade.
              hope that info helps
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                Re: Some MP questions
                Ill answer what I can. Tons of new challenges. Everytime you prestige more challenges are unlocked for you to unlock. The maps are big, and have to be to balance out all the new stuff, like kill streaks. But they are well designed and they are able to incorporate all types of play style. Plenty of choke points for run n gunners to go through, and plenty of sniper spots. And as for the rest I im not sure yet. everything seems good though. Id say get it
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                  Re: Some MP questions
                  Thank you very much.

                  Can you point out some annoying parts of MP of this year's COD game ;D
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                    Re: Some MP questions
                    I'll keep expanding on that last post as I remember info. Annoyances? hmm well some find this an annoyance. In many matches the game forces you to be in game chat instead of party chat. I personally like this idea because it helps people actually be a team and can help SnD tons if it works right..

                    Uhh.. hmm.. really I can't think of too many annoyances unless you start off with a bunch of people who just bought the game and face people who already know what they're doing. lol. (really there are some clans that are pretty good already)

                    Unbalanced weapons could be a problem. but that's patchable..
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