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        This is probably my only main gripe about the game, i just don't get the thinking about changing all the gametypes we loved. The addition of CTF is fantastic, but 3rd person is a load of bull and not having much HC gametypes at all is just scandalous imo.
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          So why do core lovers always resort to "a bunch of campers that cant aim." I have heard this more then a few times just while playing mw2. Why do they care? they are not forced to play it.

          1.First off, what most "core" players don't understand is that about 75% or more of the hardcore community were also once gamers that played realistic(bullet damage) games prior to the COD franchise. You know like REAL LIFE bullet damage or at least close to it. So shooting an enemy regardless where on the body(ex. 6 shots to the lower torso) doesn't make any since to us at all why that said person is still alive and shooting.

          2.We are also a more tactically based community. Who either has real life law enforcement or military experience, or will in the future(My self a future US Marshall). So just running at the enemy(running and gunning) doesn't really pop into are heads(because we wouldn't do that in real life)( or I wouldnt do that in say a game of paintball). We take or at least try to take a tactical progression towards every game type even TDM.

          3.If you play core game types, is there a reason why you should give a sh*t about this situation, you have your game types go play them and have fun.

          4. From what I have seen, people I personally know and "xbox live friends" I have played cod4 and mw2 with, that love just core games, make those comments about HC. But in reality it really comes down to this.

          a. They don't like playing a game type that doesn't have radar on all the time and aiming cursors.
          b. They don't understand why people would want a realistic like game anyways, "its a video game isn't it."
          c. They cant stand the fact that running across and open area would result in dieing if seen right away.
          or my fav..
          d. They couldn't handle it. So if you don't like or don't succeed at something why not bash it.
             Many of my friends and "xbox friends" are really good at cod4/mw2 core game types. They all have above 1.5 k/d ratio and they all say things like well HC is just too easy. So I challenge them if it's to easy superstar lets play. Myself being a decent player owns them more time then not. Why because... I pick my shots and make them count. Do I camp? Not for longer then 30 seconds. Do I run and gun.. Hell no

          My Point being, you HC bashing, core lovers(which is fine, I could care less about your game type) need to understand one thing, HC players play this game for an entirely different reason that you will never comprehend.

          So why don't you take the mature point of view,(I know that is hard to ask for on a forum like this), and go bash on your own people that play your own game type, people that play this game for the same reason you do.

          I love this game for its amazing graphics and game play as a whole. I just enjoy a little more realistic feel in an "arcadeish style game". I like COD4 and I like mw2, I just feel the makers are giving the HC players the middle finger here, I hope they add HCHQ soon because I PERSONALLY, love that game type and would really appreciate it to see it back.
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            First off, thanks to the folks at IW for the balancing changes you made to the game.  But to the point.  Please add more Hardcore modes, and bring back Hardcore HQ.  My friends and I vastly prefer to play HC modes, and were always playing Hardcore HQ.  We were really hoping that every game type in MW2 would have the choice between normal and HC.  I can understand if you wish to keep the number of choices trimmed to keep the number of simultaneous games in progress similar so everyone finds a game.  But in all honesty, many of the Hardcore players including myself are getting tired of core mode and are really looking forward to play hardcore.  I can't think of a mode I wouldn't play in Hardcore besides maybe Free for All.

            Oh, and after hardcore HQ I vote for Hardcore Domination.  I think that would be simply amazing.
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              ---> Signed <---

              I totally agree with you fellows. Hardcore Headquarter was the best and need definitly more skills than the normale mode. Please IW, give us the lovely Hardcore with more Game-Types back!
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                24. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
                Please bring it back!!
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                  25. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
                  I will not stop posting on this topic until the game mode is available. Thanks everyone for the support and keep it up, i am a "hardcore" hardcore HQ player and i will fight for it until i get it. Like I said before guys, contact the IW higher-ups through twitter accounts, this forum, other forums, email, and any other medium you can think of if you really want our Hardcore HQ/ Hardcore gametypes back!
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                    26. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
                    it's gone, move on, or go back to number 4 with your ****MAJOR CAMPING**** skills and pwn teh n00bs.
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                      27. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
                      _MaD_FaiRy_: it's gone, move on, or go back to number 4 with your ****MAJOR CAMPING**** skills and pwn teh n00bs."

                      Too bad IW disagrees. You sir, are a tool.
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                        28. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
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                          29. Re: WE NEED HARCORE HEADQUARTERS!
                          AmpedPirate, good post. The part about core players "never being able to comprehend" is all too true. The difference between Hardcore vs Regular is night and day. To me when i'm playing regular "core" on COD4 or MW2 i feel like I might as well be playing halo...
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