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    The forums

      Seriously.. The kids here are whining and whining. Over half of the forums are filled with complain thread.

      Only children complains. If you are a man, you wont just play the game. You wouldn't even bother posting.
      Because.. It's damn late. You can't get IW to change the gameplay. So why the hell complain. At least tell me the point.
      Oh sorry, just came in mind that, you, yourself dont even know the reasons on posting threads where you copmplain like a 4 year old kid.

      Kids on these forums shouldn't even get the allowance of entering the forums..



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          Re: The forums
          No matter what you do people will always complain about something in life. Whether it be their job or a video game, because something wasn't the way they wanted it.
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            Re: The forums
            I think most of the people complaining actually have a valid complaint. They paid 60 bucks for a game that is essentially unplayable. If you have money to just throw away. I can give you my paypal address and just give me whatever money you have as disposable income to just throw away.

            Me personally, I have no problems with the game. But I live in the U.S. so the matchmaking works for me. But I really feel for the people overseas that can't play in a quality match.
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              Re: The forums
              Yeah, I understand what you mean.
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                Re: The forums

                GO GET BATTLEFIELD!!!!!!!!  THEY DON"T BAN YOU FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!  DON"T BUY ACTIVISION GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know how to hack/mod, I don't boost, and rarely talk, but I get banned without reason and no action for appeal.  YOU ARE ALL PUNKS AT ACTIVISION!!!!   YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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