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    MW2 Official Bugs/Glitches Thread - PS3 *Updated 01/12/09*

      Please post below all reported bugs you have found in the Playstation 3 version of Moderwarfare 2, I will check back and compile the list, then report it on to Infinity Ward and 402.

      *note* - if posting an glitch do not link to how to do it, sent me an private message with the link then I will pass it on, posting of glitches and exploits can result in a ban

      Thank you for your imput, below is an list of all know issues on PS3

      Glitch on Afghan - video proof seen
      Map Rotation out of sync
      Error unable to find suitable host - Host Migration Error
      HQ Pro - Bar reseting on capture
      HQ Pro - Earning Capture Points though not in the capture point
      Radation Field Glitch
      Missles/Gernade lauchers not carrying on after death
      Entering games that are ending (Connection fault from cod4 not sure this can be addressed)
      Gamemode changing
      Respawn Error
      Game Freezing during lobby
      Killstreak bug - Sometimes killstreaks don't count towards overall killstreak (Not from carepackages)
      Pavelow Killstreak - if you die once does not count towards your killstreak if you earn it going 9-1
      Lobby Mirgration Issues - Kicks party memebers when moving lobbies
      Infinte care package/killstreak glitch
      Preadtor missle error/chopper gunner/ac-130 - when host quits and migration happens the missle still carries on and does not restart, meaing an lost killstreak also chopper gunner and ac-130 killstreaks end when host quits.
      Killcam error - Despite not showing up on hbs, the killcam shows otherwise, cauing misleading reports
      Invite connection error
      Unlocalised Error
      Favela Gilitch
      HCTDM TK's counting as deaths
      PS3 freezing when searching for games

      Also please note this thread is not to request adding of features, Install Option and Regional Servers are not bugs or glitches
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