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      It'd be nice if non Death Match game types didn't record our Kills and Deaths, because from my experience while playing modes like Domination and CTF -there's always people who avoid the objective and focus solely on padding their k/d ratio. Separate stats for those game types would be nice. Like being able to see someones CTF Score Average, Domination Score Average etc.

      Just some thoughts. Anyone agree?
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          Thats not a bad idea because i really hate when you have when people single you out in the middle of no where by no objective
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            Great idea. Oh my god, great idea.

            Just imagine, players trying to capture the flag in CTF.

            Planting the bomb in demolition or,

            Capturing B! (Not C or A) in dom.

            One day maybe, one day......
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              I love playing Death Match, but lately I've been trying other modes and they are fun too. However, they'd be so much more fun if people weren't able to use those modes to pad their k/d ratio at all. People can focus on the objectives.
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                Even better idea! Remove stats from the game entirely. make the leaderboards and stats and whatnot available online ONLY! BF did that and it didn't have near as many campers. Too many kids worry about their KD on this. CoD4 was new and everyone started shitty so you didn't get as many campers cuz their KDs were already wrecked (or at least mine was). On this, they get a fresh new start. If leaderboards weren't available on the game though then nobody would care cuz nobody'd check 'em! Simple fix!