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    Question about maps?

      I'm not really complaining but what do any of them have to do with the actual campaign?

      Like Quarry.. Do you ever remember a quarry in the campaign? Or Highrise.. Did you ever have to go on top of a skyscraper in the campaign? Derail.. I never remembered that from the campaign. Afghan seems more reasonable, but still I don't remember seeing it in the campaign. The only maps that have any resemblance to the campaign are probably Estate, Favela and Terminal.. The others have nothing to do with the campaign unless you say like "Oh the blocks in Quarry were used during the building of Nate's Restaurant"

      All I'm trying to say is why did Infinity Ward just make these random maps? Why don't they just try to base maps off of the actual campaign like in Modern Warfare and World at War (I know Treyarch made WaW but still.)

      Wouldn't it be fun to fight in the suburbs of Virginia? I think it would be.. You could make 2 maps just about those.. One about just the random town and then one that's based around the checkpoint in the campaign

      Just making a map about Washington DC is something I'd be content with.. I mean who wouldn't want to fight in the Oval Office in the White House? You could make so many things just dealing with that..

      I'm just saying.. I'd be happy to see the first map pack have some correlation to the actual campaign. Hell I'd be happy to see them maybe do something with the CoD4 maps.. Give them a graphic upgrade, add a few new things, change the names (or not, it doesn't affect gameplay) and package them out in a new huge map pack..

      Couldn't Infinity Ward make a huge amount of money for that? I mean.. Has there ever been a map pack with like..10 maps in it? They could sell it for 1600 MP, and it would barely take any work. Just revising some old maps..

      These are just my thoughts.. This isn't a complaint so don't flame it.
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          Re: Question about maps?
          The reason they dont copy the maps from Campaign to Multiplayer is becuase it would be BORING. Coming from a Multiplayer game in Derail, Than goin' to go play Derail in Campaign would be stupid and old. Yes, Some maps are from campaign but not ALL of them. Which keeps the game fresh. Because if Campaign and Multiplayer had the same maps, you would be basically playing the same thing, Just 1 with you only and a computer(s), and you and online members fighting against others. Atleast... thats my thought.
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            Re: Question about maps?

            I understand they don't copy the maps directly from the campaign.. But why shouldn't they? The campaign is always getting way more good reviews than the actual multiplayer.. I'm not saying take out every map and just put in campaign maps! But why would it hurt to put in 2-3 maps that are based on the campaign? I think it would just help the game. Trust me I'd accept maps from anywhere.. These maps are already boring if you ask me. The more maps you have, the more variety there is and then it would keep the multiplayer fresh ;)
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              Re: Question about maps?
              i see where yur coming from, most of these maps have nothing to do with tyhe game itself...

              i want to fight on the oil rig or even the gulag... the reason for not bringing back old maps i because of all the new stuff (like killstreaks) it just wouldnt fit.
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                Re: Question about maps?

                Why wouldn't it fit? Most of the CoD4 maps would work.. Like Crash.. It's just a city with a lot of buildings, great for SMGs, snipers, machine guns, etc. Of course if they did that they would have to add new stuff to it just because with Marathon and lightweight you'd probably be on the other side in like..20 seconds, but yeah.. Nothing is perfect... Especially the maps we have to play on now.
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