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    Petition: Kill/Death Stats

      I'm posting this here because its a universal problem. Xbox, PS and PC users are all dealing with this same dilemma.

      Kills and Deaths from Non-Death Match modes should NOT be recorded. This will create a better experience for those who are playing Domination, CTF etc. by not rewarding people who enter these games for the sole purpose of padding their kill/death ratio.

      If you agree, please reply with a +1.
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          Re: Petition: Kill/Death Stats
          +1 but this could mean problems such as people just running around in donimation just getting flags like madmen because their kdr's dont even count...
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            Re: Petition: Kill/Death Stats

            As for the first reply, most people want a good K/D during any game. Unless I'm using a Riot Shield, I get disappointed when I go negative in Domination.

            Even now, K/D ration is nothing but bragging rights, and has no real significance (i.e. no rewards for getting certain amounts), yet people do not generally run around like headless chicken.
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