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    40 Bullet Penetration kills? Come on Infinity Ward!

      What does FMJ stand for Full Metal Jacket or F.. Me Jesus

      I just want to know why you have to get 40 kills with FMJ for extended mags.. Does anyone actually get that the real way (Alright don't come in here and act like you're godly cause you have FMJ done).

      But seriously.. You need 20 kills with ACOG Sight, 15 with Silencer, 20 with Noob tubes, 60 with Red Dot and 40 with FMJ. I understand why you need 60 with Red Dot, it's the attachment almost everyone uses.. But really? 40 bullet penetration kills with FMJ? That has to be the most annoying challenge to get done for the gun titles.

      (Don't even flame me about this thread.. I have finished 6 guns (M4A1 twice).

      But seriously.. Why did they inflate all the kills you need for FMJ?

      Also did they really put any thought into the different gun challenges? It's really easy to get 20 kills with ACOG on assault rifles but for me on Snipers it's just pretty annoying considering the scope moves around so much and I'm not a godly no-scoper (you have to look down the ACOG too so even if you no-scope it won't count)

      Did they really think about the different challenges on different guns? Why is every single attachment unlocked with the same amount of kills, no matter what the gun is? Don't you think it's easy to get 15 kills with a sub-machine gun? Of course it is.. They put no thought into the multiplayer did they? It seems like the just focused on Campaign and Special Ops and then threw the Multiplayer together in a week.