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    What are some hard challenges for people to try?

      I've just been trying to think of ways to spice the game up.. I really haven't played it for a week or two because it's just a terrible game.. But I've been thinking of some challenges for the community to try.

      Challenge 1. Nuclear Riot Control. Using only a Riot Shield, whatever equipment you want, and without shooting one person get a nuke.

      Challenge 2. Keep Your Eyes Open. Get a throwing knife kill in the first 10 seconds of the game, and first blood. I've done it.. It's pretty awesome.

      Challenge 3. KillFest. Kill 4 or more people in the game winning kill cam.

      Challenge 4. AT4 Pavelow. I remember seeing a clip where a guy gets 9 kills with an AT4 as soon as the game starts, DO IT!

      Challenge 5. Damn! Using only a Machine Pistol, get a nuke. No air support, no equipment in this one. 25 (or 24) kills with your machine pistol (M93, G18, TMP doesn't matter. Just get the nuke) Any killstreak that doesn't kill is allowed. Care Package is allowed as long as you don't get a kill with whatever is inside it.

      Challenge 6. Chuck Norris Jr. 100 Kills in a game. I'm sure this is probably one of the easier ones.. But still. You got 100 kills in a game. Awesome.

      Challenge 7. No way. Using only a USP, get a nuke. No tactical knife. No air support. No equipment. Just you and your good 'ol pistol.

      So yeah. Try it I dare you. Post some challenges if you want. This is just a for fun thread and a way to make this game more challenging.
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          Re: What are some hard challenges for people to try?
          Some of these are just unreasonable as the ones omitting air support require the use of Scavenger as they are secondaries and therefore can't be OMA'ed and don't have enough ammo in them for 25 kills.

          I have done first blood within 10 seconds with a throwing knife, and killed four people in the game winning killcam (though I didn't get the final kill I was on screen as well as the four people I killed. The final kill was a teammate stealing my kill who went into Last Stand). My friend has gotten a nuke with a riot shield and throwing knife which isn't particularly thrilling but it's one of your challenges so whatever.
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            Re: What are some hard challenges for people to try?
            @Seele der Nacht

            Well what do you want the challenges to be? It's just a way to spice up the game.. So what if your friend did it. Can you?

            That's the whole point.. You think they're all easy or unreasonable.. Why don't you make some challenges then?

            And it is possible to get a nuke with a USP. I got a 20 killstreak with 20 kills from a .44 Mag, so yeah.. It wasn't a nuke performance but it was damn near close.. I've never seen it done but anything is possible.
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