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    Perk suggestion

      I don't know if someone already suggested this but I just thought of it.

      Move Marathon to perk 2. It seems that perk 1 is always something to do with equipment.. (CoD4, WAW) so I think Marathon is pretty stupid there.

      Move Sitrep to perk 1.. It's always been bomb squad there.. It's just stupid because Ninja is the only perk I ever use at perk 3 and a lot of people only use it.. And Sitrep in perk 3 is just stupid.

      Move Hardline to perk 3.. Just to balance out the perk set-ups.

      It would look like this

      Perk 1 : Sitrep, Sleight of Hand, Scavenger, One Man Army, Bling
      Perk 2 : Marathon, Lightweight, Stopping Power, Cold Blooded, Danger Close
      Perk 3 : Hardline, Commando, Steady Aim, Scrambler, Ninja, Last Stand

      It makes more sense to me.. I'm sure some people (Commando knifers) won't like it.. But it evens it out.. You're either allowed to run really fast or run as long as you want. Not both.