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    Are there things wrong this game? Or are you just bad?

      Alright here's basically the synopsis of what everyone is complaining of :

      *Commando -- Simple. Just keep your distance from them. Assault Rifles have longer range than they ever have before. USE IT.
      *Air Support -- They made COLD-BLOODED and STINGERS for a reason.. Stop complaing 'OMG chopur gunr r so ovrpowurd!!11oneone'  ..Really? Just shoot the damn thing down. You get like 350 XP for doing it..
      *Models -- They've already gotten patched once. Quit ********.
      *Shotguns -- No they aren't overpowered. You're just a camper. Don't go into a room blindly. Throw a stun. Do something rather than getting on the forums and complaining
      *Campers -- Every game has had campers. Just throw a stun/flash, try to kill them once. If they kill you.. DON'T KEEP RUNNING BACK THERE. How hard is that to understand?
      *Riot Shields -- Really? You're going to complain about someone who can't/doesn't shoot you?
      *Knifers -- See Riot Shields
      *Nuke Boosters -- Hit 'start' -> 'up' -> 'a' -> 'up' -> 'a' OR hit the giant X on your controller and then 'Y' -> 'up' -> 'a'
      *Glitchers -- See Nuke Boosters

      Seriously guys. It's a game. Stop acting like your life will be affected by it. Who cares if someone boosts for a nuke.. All they're doing is proving they have no skill and they're easier to beat in an actual game because they got their levels by boosting.

      There's a counter for everything in this game.. If you really have to complain about something being overpowered you probably just got owned by it over and over again. How complicated is something like not running into a room where you know someone is camping?