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    Again the patch didn't work

      Hadn't been on all weekend and when i logged in late last night i downloaded the Patch...  The much needed and wanted patch.. 

      First thing i know nobody was doing the multi care package glitch.  which was awesome because that was getting so old but the funny thing is..  people would use it and the teams i was part of would still beat them. 
      Second thing i noticed is that the sprinting care package glitch.  nobody was doing it and when i was trying to get to a spot to lay down my care package i noticed you really didn't move any faster..  that was even better because we were getting tired of people running around with that thing stabbing people and my co-worker was getting tired of filing complaints on them.

      However since i hadn't fallen to the akimbo 1887 accept for point blank which doesn't bother me one bit except I would love to see someone actual try that in real life.. but hey IW wants to be like halo right..
      But I started asking around and my buddies were falling to the 1887 issue all night while we were playing but The one thing I wanted was to see the 1887 Akimbo fixed for accuracy and distance but yeah they didn't.  You can still shoot and kill with ease from distance with the 1887.  Im not big on the BF games simply because Im not big on the vehicles... but being 2 weeks out and IW can't seem to get there junk right its looking better every day..  At least until Ubi puts out their new game which will take me away..  Tom Clancy games you really can't beat..  Loved the original ghost and Vegas.....