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    Commando is the worst perk ever.

      Why do they even have it? The ability to lunge in this game is one thing (I think it's better than it was in CoD4 and WaW)  but then you give them the ability to lunge 15 feet and around walls.

      Commando is the most overused noob perk in the game.. I can't tell you how many times I was just walking around, heard a person with commando (Ninja Pro + Turtle Beaches) and started shooting at them as many shots as I can then they lunge 10-15 feet and knife me.

      What's going to be the next perk they give you? The ability to throw grenades through objects? The ability to see through objects? The ability to guide noob tubes? The ability to fire unlimited AC130 bullets? Commando is the worst perk in this game and is just another reason why BF:BC2 is going to tear MW2 a new ass.