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    Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)

      I'm looking for some people to play with who don't care about leaderboards, MLG, GB, boosting, cheating or talking crap. I play alot of CTF and Domination but wouldn't mind HQ, Demolition or TDM. I dont really care about K/D ratio but mine is over 1.20. What I really want is to actually play a damn game and have my team want to win instead of camping for kills, streaks, and nukes. Those are cool but I'd rather win 25 games than have a 25 kill streak (yes, I have had a nuke). If you want to play with me either respond with your PSN ID or send me a friend request @ charlie0824. It would be nice if you were actually old enough to buy the game without your parents permission and didn't blast ghetto crap music over your headset. I really don't even care if you have a headset. Thanks and happy gaming.
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          Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
          I have recently made a clan, possibly about 8-9 of us so far, Called MKD, Short for my Local football team - Milton Keynes Dons.

          We play UK times, and wait for clan games to play against.

          Your k/d suits our requirements

          Im 16 but aint one of them people who blast music down the mic (does my head in)

          We play, domination but Hardcore search most

          We are a competative clan, and try to win as fairly as possible.

          Add me on psn: Jamiee_Mk or on here and we will organize a date and time for you to try out if you want to.

          Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime


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            Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)

            Founded in February 2010 FUBAR GAMING was built upon the shock collapse of Toxic Shock Gaming. Within the fallout period only the hardcore TSG members survived and vowed to fight on. With a new vision and taste for success FUBAR GAMING and its members are looking to follow on from where TSG left off and emulate its short lived success.

            With a new vision set out you can expect the following experiences within FUBAR GAMING.

            - A highly active community

            - PS3,360 and PC teams

            - Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Platoons

            - A structured and mature environment 14+

            - Weekly practice sessions and activities including "Monday Night Booster Hunting" and "Saturday Night Mass Private Matches".

            - Inter Clan matches

            - Casual and Competitive members

            - Gamebattles and Clan vs Clan matches

            - 3 x 32 slot BC2 game servers (RANKED)

            - 1 x 25 slot Team Speak 3 server

            If you think you have what it takes head over to the [url=http://www.fubargaming.org:19ot0n4r]FUBAR GAMING Forum[/url:19ot0n4r] read the rules and sign up today.
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              Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
              If you havnt Prestiged or you are willing to make a new account if you have you could check out the 55's.

              [url:2mdvp618]http://www.infinityward.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=189622[/ur l:2mdvp618]


              We do have some squads that take part in GB etc but its not something anyone has to do, we are also just casual players.

              The 55's Code of Conduct

              This is one of the most important rules. For everyone to walk away from this happy you must observe these basics:

              No racism, prejudice or intolerance. The 55's are above race, colour and creed.
              Respect your team mates and opponents
              No background music in game
              No sh1t talk
              Be graceful in glory AND defeat

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                Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
                @Jaimeee - Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not looking for a clan where I have to try out. I'm not really looking for a "clan" at all. Just some people to play casually with. I just want people who know the right way to play a game. Not really into the whole SND thing either, too much waiting around.
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                  Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
                  i just noticed your siggy and I guess your prestiged so were not the place for ya either but wish you luck, theres a bunch of great guys and casual clans on here.!
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                    Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
                    The Death Bringers is an established multi-platform clan with very active members and we are always looking for fun players. We believe that a community for gamers wanting to have fun is what it’s about. We do not care all about the stats, as long as you’re having fun.

                    We have Gamebattle teams for the more serious player, and we have interclan matches, and contest for the guys just having fun. There will be tournaments and play sessions for many games including halo 3, mw2, etc.

                    We also have a live chat box, so you can talk to people in real time. This allows for quick advice, or just an opportunity to talk about anything.

                    1. Come to have fun
                    2. Converse with our players from all over the world
                    3. Respect everyone at all times
                    4. Build friendships and play online when you can

                    Our site is free with no dues, and we never ask for donations. Fill out app, post it and then register and add me as your contact. You will be accepted.
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                      Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)
                      We are looking to expand our team, so join Weapons of Solace, we are always looking for new recurits

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                      You wont regret the stay!
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                        Re: Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)

                        PSA* PlayStation ARMY NOW RECRUITING!
                        Everyone!Come join us now at WWW.PSARMY.COM
                        Its never too late we are always recruiting! We are a well Organized and structured Clan.
                        We are looking for the best of the best to serve our Network proud.
                        Come on don't be shy, one quick visit to our site and you'll see how serious this is!
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                        Tell them abdiel27 sent you!!!
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