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    Just want a casual clan that wants to win (PS3)

      I'm looking for some people to play with who don't care about leaderboards, MLG, GB, boosting, cheating or talking crap. I play alot of CTF and Domination but wouldn't mind HQ, Demolition or TDM. I dont really care about K/D ratio but mine is over 1.20. What I really want is to actually play a damn game and have my team want to win instead of camping for kills, streaks, and nukes. Those are cool but I'd rather win 25 games than have a 25 kill streak (yes, I have had a nuke). If you want to play with me either respond with your PSN ID or send me a friend request @ charlie0824. It would be nice if you were actually old enough to buy the game without your parents permission and didn't blast ghetto crap music over your headset. I really don't even care if you have a headset. Thanks and happy gaming.