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    What is wrong with the people on this game?

      Here's my story. I got suspended so I made a new account and was using the .. I think it's called Recon class..

      Whatever you get the UMP with as soon as you start.

      Well I was running around knifing and he sent me a 15 voice message just screaming at me and telling me how bad I am because all I can do is knife and have no real skill..

      Does anyone else think it's harder to shoot someone from 500+ feet away in this game with 1 burst of an M16 than get to within 5 feet of them (because I didn't have commando on) and knife them? Especially in a TDM

      Bonus story : I was sniping and got called a camper when I heard someone behind me, turned around and threw a knife at him in Search.