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      I've never had any problems with MW2 online.  But for the past two days, I just can't get into a match without getting "Server Connection TimeOut" 

      I currently have my PS3 set up on a static IP with all the Ports for PSN opened.  Don't know what's going on.  All the diagnostics on the router and modem check out normal.

      Any Suggestions?
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          Re: Time-Out!!!
          The last week it has been really really bad happen to me in most of my games in the last week right now its unplayable to me
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            Re: Time-Out!!!
            as of this moment, I am now connected to my neighbors comcast internet.  (With Permission of course) and everything is working fine.  Internet connection test show that his internet is far slower than mine with only 1.5 mb down, but 2.8mb up.  Mine is 4.8 mb down and 768k up...DSL.
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