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    Modern Warfare 3: Stripped

      Here's what would be left if we all got our way and IW got rid of everything we complain about being too n00bish, useless, or just a pain in the @ss. I got really bored this afternoon so I made this but I'd actually like to try this game!

      Assault rifles: M4A1, TAR-21, M16A4, AK-47
      SMG'S: MP5K, VECTOR, P90, UZI
      LMG'S: Same but with distance reduced to that of the SMG's (even though the 2nd longest confirmed sniper   kill ever was with a scoped Browning M2 machine gun. Believe it, I did my research)
      SNIPER RIFLES: Intervention, Barrett .50cal (no semi-auto without recoil)

      Secondary: Pistols, machine pistols and shotguns only, no AA-12 only red dot and silencer for attachments.
      Attachments: Red dot, Holographic, ACOG, Ext. Mags, FMJ
      Equipment: Stinger x1, Frag x1, Claymore x1, and C4 x1
      Special grenades: No change

      Acceptable perks:
      Slot 1: Sleight of hand, Bling
      Slot 2: Stopping Power, Cold-Blooded
      Slot 3: Steady Aim, Ninja

      Killstreaks: These can stay but your killstreak kills only count if you dont camp and let them do the work for you

      Deathstreaks: NONE (Who gets rewarded for dying with invincibility?)

      Other tweaks:
      If you sit in one place for more than 10 seconds, you get booted from the game.
      If you played and objective game and didn't try to get the objective at least once you get booted for a day.
      You had to (somehow) show a high school diploma to be able to use a headset.
      You would never join a game in progress unless the team you are joining is winning.

      Feel free to suggest more and know I was doing this as a joke. I'm pretty happy with the game as it is even though sometimes it makes me want to throw my controller through the TV screen.
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          Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped
          lol thats good, just shows how much things ppl complain about
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            Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped
            No weapons at all, just cuddles....and LOTS of them.
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              Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped
              When I saw the title I had an awful image in my head....
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                Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped
                The only changes I would make are no noob tubes and heavy grenade launchers like RPG and AT4. Remove Heartbeat sensors. Disallow shotguns as a secondary weapon. I disagree with the idea of kicking people out of the game if they stay in one spot for 10 seconds and the idea of trying to play for the objective. When I play domination I do not secure flags AT ALL. I just get kills. Unless you give a sh!t about ur win lose ratio u wont secure flags. Remove tactical insertion so no one can boost. Remove deathstreaks (you shouldn't be rewarded just coz u sucked co*k 3 or 4 times in a row and then get a kill and be like oh yeah im so good i got a kill). Its unfair to others who do actually do good and die because of a stupid deathstreak reward.
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                  Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped

                  RDavies330 wrote:


                  lol thats good, just shows how much things ppl complain about

                  What we have to realize is that the game is not made for gamers. It's made for the other 90% of people who play about an hour a month. It's balanced so the good players have a hard time getting better and the bad players don't throw it away an hour after picking it up because it's too hard. If it were made for gamers they would have only sold a fraction of what they did. It's all about the $$$$$$.
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                    Re: Modern Warfare 3: Stripped
                    It comes to show the many aspects of the game we really appreciate, how efficient this forum is, and how credible we can hold IW's claim to cater to its 'admirers'.

                    IW is an artist. They can claim to be artists. Their game is unique in this sense.

                    But their claim to be attentive to the community is stark bullshit.
                    As you have pointed out, IW has loaded the game with gratuitous features.

                    E.g Tags and Call signs

                    Really? I don't need to know the person I kill or know how my opponent would want to embellish his PSN persona because frankly, I don't give a crap. I play for the entertainment and the experience of second-hand war, not to see how creative a 10 or 40 year old can be with your uncustomizable call signs and avatar display.

                    Haven't we had enough of PS3's aesthetic tweaks?
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