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    MW2 Stimlus Pack Official PS3 Discussion Thread *updated*

      Welcome to the official Discussion thread for the release of the PS3 Stimlus Map Pack which is set for release Tuesday 4th May 2010 in North America and Wednesday 5th May 2010 in the rest of the world.

      The Map Pack will include:



      Price: Currently unknown

      Any additional information including patches will be added at a later date.

      Please keep the discussion clean and no console war posts, all infringements will be dealt with.

      There seems to be some confusion about the update time for the Playstation Store, partically with the case of the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack.

      Ok, the store release dates have moved now, but the times haven't.

      Store updates happen at 4pm to 5pm local time, thats your time.


      Playstation UK Store Update: 4pm BST to 5pm BST

      There has been occaisons when the store update times have been brought forward to 9am local time, but if the store does not update in the morning then it will at 4pm to 5pm, if there is a delay, Sony will annouce it on their blog, so please be patient
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