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    Staying Logged In Solutions

      Many people have been having issues signing in, and staying signed in... These solutions are temporary, sometimes permanent. (You should attempt the solutions in the following order). Solution 4 is experimental.

      Solution 1
      1. Click this link <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.infinityward.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=delete_cookies">ucp.php?mode=delete_cookies</a><!-- l -->
      2. You will be asked to delete cookies..Press "Yes"
      3. Press the login button
      4. In the login menu fill out your username, and password and press the "log me in automatically button"
      5. You should no longer experience any problems

      Solution 2
      1. If the previous solution does not work try the following steps
      2. First do Steps 1 & 2 from Solution 1
      3. Then delete all cookies from your browser (the process differs from browser to browser)
      4. Make Sure your browser is fully updated
      5. Try signing back in to the Infinity Ward Forums while pressing the "log me in automatically button
      6. If that does not work, try the previous steps again, while making sure your browser is fully updated, and you are not running any apps.

      Solution 3

      1. Close all programs on your computer
      2. Shutdown your computer
      3. Turn your computer back on
      4. You may also attempt to unplug the computer after "Step 2" (leave it unplugged for 60 seconds)

      If the previous solutions had no effect, try signing into a different computer, or a public computer (at a library). Chances are it will work, and if it does attempt these solutions, on your main computer. If they do not work...consider Solution 6, or getting a new computer.

      Solution 4
      1. WARNING this solution has no gurantee of working...in an extreme case this solution should get rid of a program which is interfering with the forums.
      2. Search "cmd" in your computer, and open "cmd' (Command Promt)
      3. Type "set temp"
      4. An address will appear, re-type this address in "Windows Explorer"
      5. A folder should open...Press Ctrl+A and delete all files that you can. DO NOT delete the files which the computer will NOT LET YOU (This MAY CAUSE HARM to your COMPUTER)
      6. Delete all cookies from your browser
      7. Try logging into the forums while pressing the "log me in automatically button"

      Solution 5

      If you attempted all of these solutions, try signing in on another computer. If you can sign in and post, then there is something wrong with your computer. Try cleaning, defragmenting, or re-installing your Operating System again.

      If you have experienced this problem, and have tried a different way which worked, please post in this topic, or PM me.