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    MW3 General Discussion Thread

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          As long as this doesn't descend into a flaming match, or another hate thread (i.e. i hate MW2 or Black Ops) then feel free to speculate.

          if you must absolutely discuss Black ops related material, then go to the Official thread in Off Topic.

          As you were....

          edit: Changed title of OP. let us try and contain MW3 speculation to this thread. any others may and almost certainly will be moved and merged with this one to prevent repeats cropping up all over the forums. Keep it clean.

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            Loyal X Patriot
            I don't think we really know if it will be a COD game because of the on going battles between IW and Activision, so it will be tough to speculate in that regard alone. If they end up just making a new "Modern Warfare" game, they might have to use a different engine seperate from the COD engine. Assuming it will have the COD engine:

            I believe nothing should be disregarded as an option when it comes to making a great product. What I mean by that, is don't throw out an idea just because it is in another game. If it works and isn't legally claimed, use it! Like how Treyarch used the theater mode. That was a great addition even though it was in the Halo Series.

            So I think taking the best out of all the games would be great, and get rid of the lower standard ideas. I think anything like MW2 would be great with some additions from black ops like specific stat tracking, theater, non-stackable killstreaks, etc.

            MW2 was and is a great game, but I think we can all agree it lacked support on a few issues. However, I think if they build off the foundation that is MW2, there will be great potential for MW3.
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              I'm working on an educated guess, and chatter here and there....

              IW have rehired to fill most, if not all the posts made vacant during the Activision blowout. So in that respect, they have a studio and a dev team raring to go. I personally think they have already begun early development of their next game. They have more time mainly due to the fact that we won't see anything from IW until after Sledgehammer release their CoD title.

              As for what should be included....Patriot is right. Nothing that would make the product great should be off limits. I guess the only limit would be available tech at the time. The easiest thing for IW to do would be to replicate a tried and tested formula (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) and then update that a little. Or they could completely revolutionise the franchise with innovation (see CoD4)

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                shin akuma007
                I'll take anything that gets rid of quickscoping!!!
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                  We already know that MW3 IS INDEED in development. It was shown in court documents for the upcoming "Zampella & West vs. Activision" and "Infinity Ward employees vs. Activision" Lawsuits that Modern Warfare 3 is Infinity Ward's next project, and is set for release in late 2011.

                  The real issue is that if Zampella and West win their lawsuit, they would own the Modern Warfare brand again and could effectively shut the game down come May 23 of next year. Which, at that point, would mean that a fully or nearly-finished game would be halted mere months before its planned release. No matter which side you take in that argument, halting the release of a fully-finished game just because of some squabble between a few millionaires is most uncool.

                  That said:

                  -It would be interesting to see some more varied killstreaks than just airstrikes and helicopters. It would be cool to have a tank or APC killstreak where an armored vehicle drives around the map. Or a killstreak reward that grants the user Juggernaut armor that would absorb more damage and provide more ammunition, at the cost of moving much slower.

                  -Hand to hand fighting. Maybe something akin to Halo Reach's assasinations, where taking out someone from behind has a 3rd person animation of your character snapping the enemy's neck or disarming and executing them
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                    thanks for making this the official mw3 speculation thread blades :D.

                    i had some killstreak ideas, some of these ive been suggesting since before mw2 so sorry if youve seen them.

                    (5) Precision missile - select a spot on the map where you want a missile to attack.
                    (10) Anti Air Support Prone - an airplane that shoots down other killstreaks. it cant be shot down but it only last about 45 seconds. (i suggested this for mw2 and blackops and it kinda made it in black ops :))
                    (8) Ground Support - a helicopter hovers above a designated "safe spot" on the map and 5 soldiers slide down a rope. these soldiers attack the enemy, are veteran difficulty ai level, and stay on the map till killed.
                    (8) Tank - a drivable tank is airdropped from a heli.
                    (6) Bunker Buster - A missile that attacks a designated building on the map.

                    lemme know if you like these!
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                      o.Head.x.ShotZz wrote:


                      (8) Ground Support - a helicopter hovers above a designated "safe spot" on the map and 5 soldiers slide down a rope. these soldiers attack the enemy, are veteran difficulty ai level, and stay on the map till killed.

                      I can already hear the screams of "Overpowered!!1!!"
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                        Well, unlike most, I'm more curious about MW3's campaign than the MP because MP isn't going to change too much, mainly just the variety. So where is Nikolai taking Price and Soap? What the heck are they even going to do to extend the storyline around these characters? Will they remain on the terrorist list and be on the run? And will we ever get to hear Gaz's/Ghost's smexi accent again??
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                          I cant wait to see where the story goes in SP they left us hanging in the end kind of like God of War 2 keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for the final show down
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