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    New Custom BBCode added for 'center alignment'

      Hi guys,

      I know this is something that has bugged a lot of us for a long time so I've added custom BBCode for 'centre/center alignment'. The code is as follows and will centre your text, including images in signatures and urls and anything else you want centred:
      [center]centred text[/center][/code:3m6i42aw]

      [code:3m6i42aw][center]This text is centred[/center]

      [center:3m6i42aw]This text is centred[/center:3m6i42aw]

      I've gone with the American spelling ("center") because, well, there's more Americans here than any other country (though the Irish are certainly giving the Yanks a run for their money ;)

      Anyway, enjoy! I'm expecting a flurry of signature related changes in the near future :P

      Edit: I've put it on the post screen, sitting to the right of "Font color", for easy access.

      Edit 2: I've taken it off the post screen, for reasons stated below!