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    MW3: Give us a beta

      I'll put money on this- If there is no public Beta, the game WILL be ****! Theres no game tester on the planet that can test the game as well as the community can. WE find all the glitches, WE know the things that need balancing & nerfing. All IW needs to do is LISTEN to their community!
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          swoeen wrote:


          WE know the things that need balancing & nerfing. All IW needs to do is LISTEN to their community!

          LIKE HELL WE DO!! We ****** up MW2 and if they listen to us again they'll **** up MW3. WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GAME DESIGN!!!

          Anyway MW3 discussion in the off topic area :)
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            This is off topic.
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              BETA does not = success of any game...

              BETA means less time to fine tune, polish and work thru flaws..

              Public beta does in no way = a better game..   you have to setup a way in advance of launch, then you have to end the beta way before the launch to fix, test and implement changes that were found..  this can take upto 3 months of the development cycle... 

              for example.. the call of duty elite beta is starting on July 16th, thats 4 months before the official launch of it.. this gives them and us time to test, and fix and implement the changes before the final product is released..

              BF3 is have a public beta In september, 1 month before the game comes out, and the beta will run 1 month.. this will only give them a few weeks to fix anything we find in the beta...  more then likely no fixes will be made to the game after the beta goes public..  what will most likely happen, there will be updates and live fixes as the game launches..

              ill trust the developers and there internal teams..  they should not LISTEN to the call of duty community.. we as a community have made COD decline for years as far as gameplay goes...   we are the ones that asked for OMA/DC/Last stand, unlimited ammo with scavenger.. etc...  we have or are ruining a great series