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    Call of Duty XP L.A. 2011


      When & Where
      - September 2nd-3rd, Los Angles, CA
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      Overview: Immerse yourself in the game you love at the first ever Call of Duty® XP, the ultimate Call of Duty® experience. From our million-dollar tournament, the chance to play Modern Warfare® 3 two months early, the ultimate paintball firefight on a life-size re-creation of Scrapyard, the spectacle of running the Pit, and the reveal of the innovative features of Call of Duty®: Elite, this epic event brings Call of Duty® to life. Anyone that can’t be there but wants to connect to the action can link up through our numerous broadcast outlets. Your Call of Duty experience is about to get real.

      Stuff thats Happening

      • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal
        • Witness the epic reveal of Modern Warfare® 3 multiplayer during the opening ceremony, then be one of the first to play the game!
      • $1 Million Dollar Operation
        • It's time to compete for a chance to play on the world's biggest stage at Call of DutyXP and walk away with your share of one million dollars in cash and prizes. This thrilling tournament will be a 32-team, single-elimination bracket competition with 4 players per team. Fans around the world will have various opportunities to qualify prior to the event by showcasing their skills in Call of Duty®: Black Ops multiplayer…and there will be additional ways to qualify on site at Call of Duty® XP.
      • Compete for Fun And Prizes:
        • Fans of all skill levels will have a blast competing for prizes in a variety of free-for-all, Zombies, Spec Ops, and team-based multiplayer competitions. Who will win the most consecutive free-for-all matches? Who can survive the longest in Zombies? Who will qualify on site for a seat in the million-dollar tournament? It could be you!
      • Run the Pit
        • Gear up and clock your best time in the Pit, for real. This iconic moment from Modern Warfare® 2 comes to life as you run and shoot to win prizes and bragging rights.
      • Live Multiplayer Experience
        • How well do you know Scrapyard? Find out as you throw down in an all-out paintball battle in our life-size recreation of this iconic map from Modern Warfare® 2.
      • Burger Town
        • Working out your trigger finger really works up an appetite. So grab burgers and fries at Burger Town. It's time to eat like a soldier, sort of.
      • Call of Duty Armory
        • You've seen them in game. Now it's time to see the wide arsenal first hand. The immortal weaponry of Call of Duty® will be on display at our one-of-a-kind armory along with a unique look at the history of our franchise.

      The Event Overview

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