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    Modded Controllers and FAL / Auto Akimbo / Lag switch

      Seriously? Everyday I find people using modded controllers, with the FAL and the WA2000.

      Last year I remember deadlywariour17 something - going around with a modded controller, a year later he still going around doing something, I'm thinking of getting a modded controller myself if no body is actually doing anything about it.  LAG switch.. SERIOUSLY?

      Is anyone doing anything about this?

      Well apparently these are some of the features of these controllers (taken from a modded controller site)

      Our standard stealth mod which is included with each controller we sell features a 6 mode stealth setting and a adjustable user programmable mode. The adjustable mode allows for endless speed settings, eliminating any worry about future patches and updates!

          Stealth 5 Mode Rapid Fire
          Adjustable Rapid Fire Mode
          Dual Trigger Rapid Fire
          Lag Switch
          Undetectable On XBOX Live
          Works On All XBOX 360 Games
          Does Not Drain Extra Battery Life

      Our intuitive design lets you control rapid fire modes on the fly. Changing modes is as easy as hitting the sync button, your mode selection will be displayed via the LED rings. All our rapid fire mods are undetectable online.

          Mode 1: Universal (30 Shots Per Second)
          Mode 2: Dual Trigger, Halo 3, Akimbo, Left 4 Dead
          Mode 3: COD Black Ops, COD MW2
          Mode 4: Gears Of War Series
          Mode 5: User Adjustable Mode (25-666 Shots Per Second)
          Mode 6: Quick Scope Assist (10 adjustable modes)

      Our controllers still utilize the stock RT button to fire. Many controllers on the market do not have built in dual trigger rapid fire, ours do!

      Okay infinity ward, what are you going to do about it?