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    Console-Friendly Servers

      My name is Drakel Mage. I'm an xBox 360 gamer, and my friend Dylan Spit Hot Fire is a PS3 gamer. With MW3 coming out, we had an idea.
        We really like playing together, but he prefers a different console than I, and we can't always play split-screen games (MW2 wasn't split-screen). Our idea was console-friendly servers, where PS3 gamers and xBox 360 gamers could play together.
        With there being a rivalry between consoles, you might not think this is a good idea (Cursing, put-downs, trash talking, etc.), but we feel this is a good way to ease the tension of the rivalry.
        Thank you for taking time to read this, and we hope you support the idea! Please comment to comment to keep this thread alive!
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          Re: Console-Friendly Servers
          It's actually a really really cool idea, it would help so much with connecting with other friends, but that sounds like an idea that would be hard to achieve. But I fully agree, I would love to see this idea come to life, it would just be very complicated.
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