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    Fix COD4 Modern Warfare Please

      You can tell that Infinity Ward took their time and made COD4 right. It is the best FPS to date and that include all of Halos Battle Fields and other COD games. That all being said the server has been totally hacked and looks to be destroyed.  There is spam messages all over the place (Xbox/PS3 version) and cheaters everywhere. It make the game 100% unplayable. It has been said on the XP release that Infinity Ward is going back to what made COD great IE: COD4. If that is so fix COD4 please. I would love to play it more but with everything in it I cant and neither can anyone else

      Also you could uses it as a test best to clean up the server. If Infinity Ward and its partners can clean that server up I think they would be in great shape for MW3. Maybe even offer some kind of special online for anyone who would like to purchase or repurchase it through Xbox live or PS3 online. Same with PC.

      Please Infinity Ward I beg you to please clean up COD4 as soon as possible. Shut it down for a day if you have too. I would really love to get back into that game and play countdown with my silent MP5. 402 can you make this happen Please.

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          Re: Fix COD4 Modern Warfare Please
          It would be nice if they did do something about COD4 but it wont happen as that game is ancient history for IW.
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            Re: Fix COD4 Modern Warfare Please
            Actually it has been better lately but yes your right. Also if you write down the gamer tag of who is spamming n stuff on there and send it to Activision that are banning them very quickly.
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              Re: Fix COD4 Modern Warfare Please
              I made this account just so I could post here. There are lots of threads asking for Infinity Ward, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live, to please help us eliminate the cheaters. I can submit player reviews and file complaints, but that's all I can do. I'm sure many people will remember playing COD4... They will want to go back and play it for sentimental value, but they will be disappointed when they realize the game has become useless. I haven't had anything too bad happen just yet, but almost every game under the mini-map area you can see mods and hacks promoted where it seems the person may not even know they are infected. Until this game is fixed, I will not be buying another game in the Call of Duty series. If this is how it's going to be there should at least be a warning label on the box saying, "Warning: Game may become overrun by hackers and become useless in 2-4 years."

              Please do something for your loyal fans who bought your games, or inevitably people will be scared to buy them.
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