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    Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer will not work

      Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Help

      When I click on my Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer my screen goes black and comes up with a windows loading symbole. It stays like this for a very long time and never actually loads. When I go alt+ctr+del and go to task manager it comes up with the game not responding. My campgain works and special ops but not my multyplayer. I have call of Duty Black ops and that works fine(sort of, lots of lagg).
      This stoped working around the time when I downloaded this client called WeGame. WeGame lets you record all you games.
      If you could please help me recover Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.
      P.S. Just after I launch the game it comes up with do you want to run it in safe mode? I have tried both but still no luck:(
      Please Help